Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lost Recap

HOLY FATHER CHRISTMAS!!!! That was quite an episode. I don't feel like it really went anywhere other than to give us a few HUGE clues and to give more info on the new plane crash. Now, we knew Locke got off the island and went to see our Losties. No shock. Also no shock that they all told him to go blow when he tried to get them back. I'm disappointed that Walt has been pushed to the side and I hope that they do more with him going forward but that's neither her nor there. I'm also glad they acknowledged the whacked out timeline issue, how they've been home for three years but Locke thinks it's been 4 days. I'm also glad Widmore brought up meeting John back at the camp. That was pretty awesome although I still think there is some funny business going on. So, what DID surprise us?

- Widmore watches the "exit point" in Tunisia. Does this mean he saw Ben when he turned the wheel? Why didn't he get him then? Is Widmore good or bad? When he explained the reason he was warring with Ben, that he exiled him, it seemed reasonable but then after I thought about it, I have some questions. How could Ben have exiled Widmore when Widmore is clearly a good 15-20 years older than him and if we are to believe Penny was born off the island, which we have no reason to believe otherwise, he would have been long gone by the purge. That timeline doesn't make sense, which I know is a ridiculous thing to say about this show but still. Also, if Widmore knows about Eloise and the mainland Dharma station, why doesn't he just go there himself? That doesn't make sense.

- John seemed to revert back to his old helpless, whiny self when he left the island. I felt sorry for him for most of the episode. I also think that Helen is perhaps not dead, but they told him that to make sure he stayed on track. I'm not sure I believe he is really all that special since both Widmore and Ben have been telling him that and clearly they have different agendas, but I do think the island has some kind of connection with him. I was SHOCKED when Ben talked him out of killing himself but then strangled him to death and wondered if he was going to do that all along, or if his mention of Eloise triggered the murder. Also, do you think Ben found the phone and took it? I also wonder if his mentioning of Christian to Jack is what started Jack's downward spiral and his obsessive flying to Sydney. I did love how John became Confident Island John as soon as he was back there. That has to mean something about something.

-Dead people become undead when they get to the island. So, that would have to mean that Christian really was alive, right? Do you get some kind of weird insight when you resurrect like Christian seems to have? This also begs the question, did Ben murder Locke because he thought he was backing out of returning to the island and wanted to make sure he made it back and knew he would become undead? If so, why did he say he would miss him? I think he really tried to kill him, but why? It had to be something to do with Eloise. Poor John is always being used, whether it's by the island, Richard, Ben or Widmore. Sad man. Speaking of which, how does Richard fit into all this nonsense? We need another Richard episode. He seems to answer to these people but then he seems more powerful since he is apparently ageless. Who the hell is he for real?

-Jack, Kate and Hurley vanished from the plane and ended up either back in time or on the other island. How the hell did this happen and why did it only happen to them? Where is Sayid? We still weren't told how Hurley and Sayid made it on the plane in the first place. Are the other survivors still there? You know, Rose, Bernard and the rest? Where the hell did they go?

So, that's about where we are now. Next week it seems as though they all meet up and I for one, have no desire to see the whole love triangle play out. Hey Kate, pick one, the hillbilly or the hot doctor. That's a tough choice I know, but just do it so we can move on, mmkay? I also want to see John Locke go APESHIT on Benny boy. I'm sure we'll hear some Ben logic on why he just HAD to murder him and John will probably believe him and we will continue to not know who is good or bad.

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