Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lost Recap

So, I watched last night's episode under the influence of Tylenol Cold & Flu Nighttime Formula so I can't guarantee accuracy. I'm still currently battling the sickness of the week so if I abruptly stop this recap, it's because I passed out. Don't be alarmed.

-When we last left our Losties, Sayid, Jack, Ben and Kate were at the marina. Sun was there too but she was in her car with Aaron waiting to jump out and pop a cap in Ben. Before she can do that, her mom calls and she talks to her little daughter who misses her and Sun says she'll be home soon. Sure she will. You keep waiting by the door little girl. Anyway, Sun gets out and threatens to shoot Ben but he stops her by telling her that Jin is alive.

-Back on the island, Jin is still with Rousseau and the Frenchies and he's cornfused as to why he is with a young Danielle in the 80's. Clearly he has been experiencing the same flashes as the rest of them. They are trying to get a signal on their radio but have no luck. The radio just keeps playing the numbers over and over. Jin tells them he wants to find his camp and they make a deal that if he takes them to the radio tower, he can go find his camp. During their hike, one of the chicks, Nadine, suddenly disappears. Uh oh. They also hear a rumbling, which we all recognize as the smoke monster. UH OH. Jin is all "oh crap" and tries to get them to take off but they want to find this chick so they backtrack. They are looking around and all of a sudden they see the monster and dead Nadine falls from the sky. The smoke monster comes and grabs another of the Frenchies and drags him off, which wasn't so bad because he was a dick anyway, but they all try to save him but the smoke monster drags him down a hole but not before ripping off his arm. They all insist on going down to answer his cries for help and Jin convinces Danielle to stay out. Then a flash comes. Jin then wanders away from this area since they are all gone and finds himself back at the beach. He sees that two of the Frenchies are DEED from gunshots and are lying on the beach. He hears some shouting and sees Danielle aiming her gun at the Frenchie who is her baby daddy. She is saying that since they went down the hole, they are all sick and she is going to kill him like she killed the others. Well, that's news to us. She told our losties that they died from the sickness, not that she killed them. We know that they aren't very far in the future, maybe a week or two, because she's still pregnant. Anyway, the dude is pleading with her to spare his life and that he isn't sick and she finally believes him and drops her gun, he brings his up and fires. Click. Out of ammo but she's PISSED and blows him away. She looks over to see Jin and starts firing at him but he runs off. Another flash happens and soon Jin and the other losties make their sweet reunion. YAY!

-Jin explains to them that he was blown into the water in the explosion (oh sure, why not) and asks where Sun is. He finds out that they got off the island and that John was going to go bring them back to stop the flashes from happening. The best part is when Sawyer is trying to explain the flashes to Jin and he goes all Korean on them and goes to Miles and says "translate! translate!" and Sawyer's all "you heard the man" and Miles is all "he's Korean, I'm from Encino." ZING! Suddenly Charlotte reveals she speaks Korean and translates what he's saying and explains what John is trying to do. Jin doesn't seem to happy about his plan to bring Sun back.

-Back at the marina, Sun is still holind Ben at gunpoint and he's explaining that he has proof Jin is alive but they have to drive 30 minutes away to get it. She gets pissed for having believed he was dead for three years and she is about to blow him away but he basically says come with me and let me prove he's alive or kill me and never know. She takes door #1. Sayid is all "I quit this bitch" and takes off and Kate goes to get Aaron out of Sun's car and also takes off. They are both SUPER pissed. Jack feels totally duped by Ben at this point and he's also mad.

-On the island, they have resumed their trek to the Orchid and Jin wants to go with John but he says no, it's a one man job and he's kind of a jerk about it all. Chill out, John. At the back of the pack. Charlotte's not lookin' so good. Seriously. Girl is pale as a ghost. She stumbles again and then there is another flash. The flashes are now coming really fast and it's clear that they are all in danger if they don't stop. Charlotte is barely alive and we see that she is basically i the same state that the chick in England is in. She's now traveling in her mind or something and she's in and out of this time. Suddenly she gets crazy eyes and tells Jin in Korean NOT to let them bring Sun back because the island is DEATH. Aaack!

-Sun, Ben and Jack are driving and Jack takes this moment to apologize to her for not getting Jin off the freighter and she's mad because she thinks he's telling her this so she won't kill Ben if he's lying and Jack's all "after what he did to me, I'll kill him if you don't" and Ben has finally had ENOUGH and stops the van. He tells them that if they knew what he had to do this whole time to keep them and their friends alive they would be thanking him every day so just effing kill him already. Sheesh dude, chill. Sun tells him to keep driving.

-Back on the island, Charlotte is so bad that they have to leave her and Danny to get to the Orchid before they all get sicker. Sawyer's worried that if it flashes, they will end up at a time when the Orchid isn't even there and Charlotte tells them to look for the well. HUH? They get to the Orchid, Juliette's all "thank god it's here" and then FLASH, it's gone. Nice. They remember the well and go to it. Danny and Charlotte are back in the jungle alone and Charlotte fesses up that she had indeed been on the island before. In fact, she grew up there in the Dharma Initiative with her mother but they fled and her mother told her that they had never been there in the first place. She has spent her whole life trying to get back there. She also says that when she was a girl, a scary man told her never to return to the island and that man was FARADAY!!! Now, I really hope that her mother isn't Eloise because we know that is Daniel's mom and we don't want another Luke and Leia situation on our hands here. Keep it clean, people.

-Back at the well, John is getting ready to go down and Jin stops him. He tells him to promise not to bring Sun back and gives him his wedding ring and tells him to tell her he was found dead. John says fine and descends down the rope but then there is a flash and John drops to the bottom, breaking leg. Sawyer is holding the rope and after the flash, we see the well is gone, the rope goes into the dirt and John is long gone. How was that possible? Wouldn't the rope disappear as well? Does that mean if they are touching something during a flash it travels with them? Anyway, John is at the bottom and hears someone approaching. Who can it be now? Why it's Christian Shepherd!! Of course it is. Christian tells him that he screwed up by letting Ben move the island but that luckily he had another chance. He also says that listening to Ben is a BAD IDEA. Who's side are we on anymore? I don't even know. Anyway, all he had to do was drag his broken ass leg over to the giant wheel and give it a nudge to reset it. Oh yeah, and by doing that, he will also leave the island. He also tells him to go find Eloise when he gets back and she'll tell him how to fix things. As he turns the wheel and things go whackadoodle, Christian tells him to say hi to his son and we see that John has no clue that it's Jack's dad.

-Ben, Sun and Jack arrive at a church and Ben gives Sun the ring and tells her that Jin gave it to John when he left the island. PROOF! Sun agrees to go back so she can save Jin. As they go to walk into the church who comes strolling but our old friend Dezzie!! Dayum, he is so hot. He asks what they're doing there and Ben says the same thing he is and he's all "you're trying to find Faraday's mother, too?" and the look on Ben's face can only mean that he knows Daniel and perhaps did not know Eloise was his mom. That was a VERY interesting reaction from Ben. We'll have to see how that one plays out. They go into the church and she's there and she wants to know where everyone else is and when she hears this was all he could get, she's like "it'll have to do." What? I thought they ALL had to come, including zombie John Locke who is still in the van being dead. END SCENE!

Holy moley! Next week looks crazy and it looks like they do indeed get them all back together for their return. I wonder how long it will be before we see how John died. I feel that is very important. I also wonder if Dessie will go back with them since he wasn't one of the originals. I really don't know who to trust at this point. Richard? Ben? Christian? Eloise? Faraday? None of the above? Yikes. I need more medicine.

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