Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pisces Thursday, 5 February 2009
Will there be a Day of Judgement? I love the way people ask this. What do they think every day that they have ever lived through has been? What, exactly, is it that human beings do besides judge each other? We judge the past according to the standards of the present. We judge the people around us by the moral codes we have been taught to uphold. Will there ever be a 'day of non-judgement'? Now, that really would be a great day for the Earth. Maybe you can help us all get to the golden tomorrow. Be less judgemental today.

Ah, judgement. I am certainly guilty of judging people as I think we all are to some degree. I try to not be all judgy and give someone the benefit but it doesn't always happen. For instance, yesterday I had to meet with a freelance client. The main person I deal with was not available so I was passed off to an employee, who felt it necessary to condescend me the entire time I spoke with her. She certainly had valid concerns and they were all very easily corrected, but she treated me like I was 8 and mentally challenged. I couldn't help but sit quietly and mentally judge her for being a total bitch. JUDGEMENT SERVED.

So the hair is done. I like it. I don't love it and for what it cost, I should want to marry it and bear its children. The color is great. I have been coloring it almost black for so long now that we had to lighten before we could change the color, so it's still dark but has streaks of red in it, which is cool. I don't like sensible things so I am happy with my fun color. The cut, however, isn't exactly what I was looking for. We had to cut more off than I had planned because it was kinda ragged so it's just above my shoulders. It's really cute and done with perfect precision because my hairdresser is GOOD but I was looking for something a bit more edgy and rock n roll because I spend my days with a drooling 10 month old and I needed to get back to myself. I wanted a severely asymmetrical bob but I got a perfectly cut, level bob. It's slightly longer in the front, but I was looking for dramatically longer, less anchorwoman, more eurotrash. It's my own fault because I wanted something that most people try to avoid and the pictures I showed him didn't have the asymmetry I wanted. Unfortunately, I can't tape the hair back on so it is what it is. Now that this is over, you can go back to your regular lives.


Allie said...

Ha! When I get my hair cut I always feel a little like a weather girl afterward - that's what a long bob will do to a girl. But since I almost always wear my hair in a stubby ponytail (and it's crazy and wouldn't work with an edgier look anyway) I can't complain. At least I can clean up good when I need to.

Anonymous said...

Amy, I could always give you another childhood perm and you wouldn't have to do anything at all to it for years. Just kidding!