Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's a miracle!

So, for those of you following the saga of the Great Sleep Experiment of 2009, last night was night two. The only adjustment we were to make was an earlier bedtime and I was supposed to wait 1-2 hours after he went to sleep before I got into bed. Done and done. I did the same routine as last night and when I laid him down, fully 100% awake, he kind of cried, but it was kind of a faker cry and not really that intense. I gave him my spiel and left the room to go eat my dinner. Since he wasn't in crazysuperupset crying mode, I set the timer for 10 minutes so I could go in and interact. Less than 8 minutes after I put him down, HE WAS FREAKING ASLEEP. I am not kidding. We sat there staring at the monitor with our jaws on the table going "he's REALLY asleep?" I even went in again to check to make sure I wasn't being punked and sure enough, he was out like a light. I covered his little bum with his blankie and he stirred but made no sound. Unbelievable. The only issue we had was around 3am, when he woke up fussing but I just waited it out and he finally drifted back off. He woke up around 6am, which the doctor said was too early for him to get out of the crib, so I tried to get him back down to sleep, which sorta kinda worked for about 15 minutes but then he sat up and was pretty unhappy. "MAAAAAMAAAA." I held him out until 6:30, which was an acceptable time for him to wake according to the plan. I'm hoping he will start to go until 7am. All in all, it was a good night. Today we work on naps. Yesterday I cheated and gave him a bottle but he missed his morning nap and if he had gone all day with no nap, it would have been a disaster for everyone, mostly me. This morning however, he's going down with no help so cross your fingers it works. Yikes.

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mary said...

Wow, what a change. You can tell just from reading your posts how positively it is affecting you, too!
Cheers to sleep therapists!