Friday, February 20, 2009

The Runaround

Pisces, 2/20/09
Instead of a prediction, I should give you a coupon. It can read, 'This entitles the bearer to a significant discount at the emporium of their choice and to the full sympathy and understanding of all around them.' You can cut it out and keep it in your wallet, next to the supermarket discount card. Whenever you need it, just produce it. The funny thing is, you don't really need to. The Sun is in your sign. A cosmic coupon now hovers invisibly above your head. It may not get you the discount - but it will bring you the rest, if you trust it.

I don't even know what this means and my brain isn't working enough to try to figure it out. I don't have a supermarket discount card. What the hell is that anyway? Is that a real thing because if so I WANT IT.

So, all of a sudden it's Friday. This week has been ridiculously hectic. We were in Chicago Monday and Tuesday, which went very well by the way. The kid was SO GOOD! He slept most of the way in the car and behaved himself when grandma watched him while I took my class. The class was good but I'll go more into that another day. Since I got home, I've had work to do plus a cake due today. I have a terrible habit of underestimating how much time and energy goes into a cake so as usual, I'm getting it done with no time to spare. It's getting picked up this afternoon, but in the meantime I have to take the kid to the sleep doctor, get some stuff printed for work at Kinkos and then go meet with a client. Then I have to come home to meet the guy getting the cake, box it all up and say a prayer it makes it to Chicago. I was supposed to make two more small cakes for my neighbor's kids but I may or may not accomplish them tonight. I am tired and I ran out of salt so I couldn't bake them yesterday and I don't know if I can squeeze them in today. Good grief. I am busier now working part time than I was working full time. Crikey!

Anyway, I'm off to change a poop diaper. Carry on with your day.


Allie said...

People always seem to think when you work for yourself you have endless hours of time to frolic in fields or watch soap operas. It's totally the opposite. I get so jealous of people who end their work day at 5.

LM said...

Since I'm right down the road, call if you ever run out of a staple baking ingredient. I always have that stuff.

jan the mom and grandmom said...

I am definately in Max withdrawal.