Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aack, aack, aack!!

So, check out my new digs. Nice, right? We needed a change. This is easier on the eyes. Anyway...

We are sick here at Kimchi Central and by we, I mean me. It started yesterday afternoon on my way home from the mall. I had taken the kid there to return some stuff and when I was driving home, I suddenly got a massive headache and then my muscles all freaked out,which usually means I'm getting sick. Speaking of the mall, oh how I wish I had a child that would sit quietly in his stroller while mommy shopped. Instead, I get this:

He learned this half coughing, half laughing thing the other day and thinks it's HILARIOUS. He did it through the whole mall and he does it really loudly so it echoed. He also had a bottle so at some point, he was also spitting up and playing with it, which made the teenage girls at Old Navy laugh their heads off. HAHAHAHA, right ladies? RIGHT? To top it off, while we were crammed in the elevator with another mother/child combo, he decided to rip a big fart, which was also LOUDand which he also found to be ridiculously funny as did I, but the other mom was NOT amused. Not at all. I think she thought it was me at first, but I made a point to look at him and say "MAX?!" just to make sure the blame was properly placed. She gave me the stink eye (zing!)and bolted off the elevator as soon as the doors opened. Whatever lady, everybody farts.

So back to being sick. As I said, as we were driving home I started to feel like crap and by the time Jeff got home, I was really feeling bad. Strangely enough, a 10 month old baby does not care that it's mother is sick. Seriously, he totally went about his business. I went to bed early and hoped I would feel better in the morning but I woke up at 12:30 with severe muscle aches so I took my temp and it was almost 103. Fantastic. Max was also awake and crying so Jeff was so kind as to go tend to him, which ended up being an hour long ordeal and he finally just gave in and slept in the room with him, which was probably better because when my fever broke at about 3am, I was DRENCHED. My hair is still curly from all the gross sweating. After Jeff got up and went to work, the phone rang and it was my sister, informing me that she was ALSO sick. She had the exact same thing as I did and was also up with a fever and called in to work for the first time ever. FREAKY. Lucky for her, she was getting ready to swig some NyQuil and go back to bed while I was getting ready to go make a bottle for the beast. I'm really hoping he takes a nice long nap today because mommy needs one too. Naps are FUN.


Anonymous said...

I love that laugh! Tatum used to laught like bevis and butthead.

Gwen said...

Aw, crap! A couple peeps in my office have had that and it's horrible. Take care of you. Do you need anything?