Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bizarro world

Pisces, Feb 7
Your Week Ahead: You have been nurturing a dream for some while. You have been playing with a fantasy, exploring an idea, entertaining a vision and telling yourself, all the while, that this is all you are really doing. Just whiling away a little time. Yet you have also been setting in motion a series of events which have the potential to make the whole thing happen. Telling yourself, as you do, that you are under no obligation to take your opportunity, even if you do manage to create it. That's true. You are not under any such obligation. But can you resist the chance that you now have?

I normally don't post on the weekends because I have better things to do but I had to share this morning's horoscope with you. Why? BECAUSE IT'S FREAKING ME OUT. You see, I got TWO unexpected cake orders yesterday for next weekend. Seriously. One of them is a big shower cake that is being transported to a function in Chicago. This is big time, people. I also spoke to someone just yesterday who told me that he forwarded my cake blog to some "high profile" friends of his and he's pretty sure they will want to order a cake at some point. HOLY CRAP!

That's all. Go about your day.


Gwen said...

Sweet! (pun intended)

Allie said...

That's awesome! Your cakes are incredible and the attention is so well-deserved.