Monday, February 16, 2009

On the road again.......

So, I went to see Spring Awakening yesterday. It was me, Jeff, LM and MH. We had all been really looking forward to the show ever since we heard it had "explicit sexual content" and "is intended for mature audiences only." Yay, swearing and sex! I also knew these things would be my hook for Jeff because while he will go to a show with me, he isn't exactly Mr. Musical Theater. Anyway, the show. Yes, there were boobies and VERY realistic sex. The ladies next to us had apparently ignored all the warnings that it was racy and were not happy, which was funny to me because that was the whole point of the show. Spring Awakening = sex. Duh. There was also a song called "You're Fucked," which we sang the whole way home. Despite the boobs and the f-word, the show was just kind of "meh." The first act was good and the music was awesome, but the second act totally fell apart. They never really fleshed out any of the characters and tried to cram lots of stuff into the show without really explaining any of it. It was like they just said "yeah, we're bored writing this so let's just wrap this up, mmkay?" I'm not really sure how it won best musical at the Tony's but whatever. Despite the show not really living up to the hype, the day was lovely and we're looking forward to doing it again.

Today is a big day for us here at Kimchi Central. My mom and I are taking Max on his first road trip. We're heading to Chicago for the night so I can take a class tomorrow. I'm nervous about him making it in the car for 5 hours but I'm hoping he will sleep most of the way. Who knows how he'll do in the hotel. We're coming back tomorrow afternoon after my class is done. It's a short class but it's an important cake class that I can't take here so I'm stoked. I'm going to offer him $100 to be good. So far he doesn't seem interested. Hold me.

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