Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Babies DO grow before our eyes! Like magical unicorns.

Pisces, 2/4/09
Remember climate change? Before the credit crunch it was worrying everyone. Currently, it is only bothering Australians. Latest news from NASA is that it isn't just the Earth. Mars is showing every sign of global warming, too. As are the moons of Jupiter. It may have more to do with the Sun than with anything that humans are up to. Shame we can't say the same about the banking crisis. Watch, today, for false culprits and overblown concerns. If you are doing your best, you can do no more.

Um yeah, horoscope man, could you go ahead and focus on ME here? This scope is crap. There are overblown concerns every day of my life. It's called anxiety.

So, we've had some advancements here at Kimchi Central. The kid has started saying "mama!" Okay, MAYBE he says "ma-ruh" or "yuh-rah" but it's closer than "da-da" which he has NO problem saying so I'm taking it. When we say "mama," he looks at me so I think he is making the connection since he's a freaking GENIUS. Nah, but it does seem like he knows. He also learned to stand on his own for up to 23 seconds (yes I timed it) and he took TWO STEPS IN A ROW. We have to kind of encourage it because he prefers to just fall forward like it's a game, which is cute unless I'm not right there and then he falls on his face but progress is progress, right? We're up to FIVE teeth and I think another is coming in since he gnaws on more stuff then the dogs. We were at the grocery store yesterday (OF COURSE WE WERE) and I looked down to see him hunched over chewing on the cart. It's like he's feral. He also tried to use my wedge of Gorgonzola as a teething toy, which didn't taste so great, I'm sure. I think he's almost ready for steak. I keed, I keed, of course not. But I might have given him some. I can't believe his first birthday is in 6 weeks! In Korea, the first birthday is a big deal and there are all these rituals that come along with it and we plan on honoring them. He has a fancy outfit that his foster mom gave him that he will wear and we have to pray to some mountain god and then put out these objects for him to choose from which will predict his future. Freaky deaky!

On another note, before my client meeting today is my hair appointment. I know this is RIVETING information so you'll be relieved to know I decided what to do. It's gonna be red and it's gonna be short(er). It's already kinda red compliments of Revlon Colorist hair color but it's just not red enough so I'm going to get it jacked up. LOOK OUT WORLD!


Allie said...

Ooh, red sounds like fun, as do the birthday rituals. I'm amazed at how much he's changing! I have no concept kids/age/development, etc., and really find this fascinating.

LM said...

Wait till he says, "Get me my muffin, bitch!" and then you'll wish he didn't talk anymore.

Just kidding.

Don't be shy about calling him a genius. I've said that every time I've been over there. The kid responds to "high 5" for god's sake!

Anonymous said...

We don't know each other, but I'm really happy for you, your hub, and the babe. ALSO, if you need a great haircut, my gal is an ARTIST and I'd be happy to share her name and number with you!