Thursday, March 5, 2009

Umm, this is all I got.

Pisces 3/5/09
Turn on your charm. Keep it turned on. Never mind who says what or does what. Ignore whatever it is that worries or upsets you. Smile and keep smiling. Be kind and warm. Continue to exude generosity of spirit, even when you encounter intense opposition or pettiness. Where will any of this get you? Everywhere you need to be. What will happen if you give way to a less cheerful frame of mind? You will simply slow yourself down and impede your own potential to enjoy good fortune. Be big-hearted if you want to win.

You people are totally awesome. For serious. I love you guys. I'M A WINNER!

So, we've spent most of the week cursed with the plague yet again. This time, I'm the only healthy one. The kid's cold has his booger factory working double overtime and Jeff has had the flu plus a respitory infection. Ugh. I'm hoping they both get better soon because we have a birthday party this weekend to go to and I don't want to miss it. I'm making the cake. Shocking, I know. It's a dog cake. Check the other blog this weekend if you care to see it.

Well, aside from snot excavations and administering meds, things here have been rather boring. Just working and making cakes. Maybe something exciting will happen and then I'll have something to write about. Wait, I take that back because next thing I know the roof will cave in or some crap. I MEAN, THINGS ARE FINE.

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Allie said...

You're awesome too! I think this is advice I really needed right now.

Good luck with the booger fighting!