Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost Recap

Wow. I mean, WOW. No, I mean SHAMWOW. I know every episode can't be the greatest thing ever and while last night wasn't the best I've ever seen, it filled in MAJOR pieces of our puzzle. Let's chat...

So, now we know that time has caught up. It seems as though when John turned the wheel, he also reset the time issue. He left the island and suddenly was three years in the future. I assumed that the losties would still be in the past when the other losties made it back to the island, but now we know that three years has passed for them as well. Three years living in 1974!!! This back in time business is not my favorite, I will be honest. However, as long as they make it back to real time at some point (I'm talking to you, Lost producers) I'm okay with this. FOR NOW. Anyway, we also know why we saw Faraday when they were drilling. Speaking of which, what happened to him? Halfway through the episode, he kinda disappeared. Weird. He is messed up now for sure and I was intrigued when he said "whatever happens, happened" after the last flash that set them back for good. Does that mean that this war we've been hearing about happened or does it just mean that whenever they were, that's where they were staying. Does this also mean that the entire plane jumped back in time, or is it just our losties? I'm inclined to think they all did, but we'll have to wait and see. Aside from this time business and establishing that three years had indeed passed, there wasn't much else that happened. Here are some tidbits:

-Juliette helped deliver a baby that lived, so whatever causes them to die isn't at play at this point. We also never heard the child's name, which I found to be suspect. What is it exactly that makes the babies die?

-Sawyer looks hot after he showers and stops being a hillbilly and I love him and Juliette together. I'm glad they did that. I found it interesting that she was so much happier there than she was before, even though she is still trapped. Is it because she is there of her own free will or has she just decided that it's not so bad after all? Why is it different now?

-Ben should be getting to the island very soon. He came around age 10, and he should be about there now so I imagine we will see a young Ben Linus very soon. This begs the question yet again, what happens when your future you runs into the past you? Will Miles see himself as a boy? Will Ben see himself going to the island, assuming they are all in the same time? Can you change yourself? Why did Faraday say it didn't matter what they did anymore? Aren't they still changing the past?

-Richard is the head of the hostiles, who they say are indigenous people to the island. I don't believe that. There are theories that Richard and the hostiles are actually zombie types and came to the island to be resurrected and that's why they're always there. That's an interesting theory. I wonder if that means that selected people are sent there to come back to life because they serve a greater purpose. They need to explain this shit pronto. Juliette seemed distressed to see him, almost like she was afraid. Interesting. And what is this treaty they signed? Who is it between and why? Who is in charge of Dharma? What ever happened to Hanso? Why was Horace so upset that he almost stumbled into the sonar fence? We know he helped John so I think he is good and he helped build the Orchid, right?

-Is Sawyer really over Kate? Who cares.

So this is where we are. I might have left something out but these are the high points. As per usual, more questions than answers but as I said, we did get some pieces to the puzzle. We still have like 7-8 more episodes this season, plus another season next year before we figure this out. CRIKEY!

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LM said...

I still can't stand Juliette. She's happily in love w/Sawyer and still can't show more one ounce of emotion than she usually does? What is her problem? I enjoyed this episode a lot, although it actually confused me a bit more than most.