Monday, January 19, 2009

Road trip part deux, the sequel.

Pisces 1/19/09
Sometimes, you can race round like a maniac for days and get next to nothing done. Sometimes, you can sit very still and appear to be going nowhere, only to realise, when you finally stop, that you have moved a mountain. You are now in a position to enjoy the latter, far preferable experience. Don't feel that you need to plough a great deal of energy and effort into any situation. All that's needed is some calm, careful, clever thought and concentration. Apply that and soon, success will be yours.

Hmm...this is interesting. Does this mean I can now move thing telekinetically because that's totally kick-ass if so. Wait, let me try. No, it didn't work. My pen is still on the other table. When I was about 12, there was a book I loved called "The Girl With The Silver Eyes" and it was about a girl who's mom was exposed to thalidomide during pregnancy and it gave the girl telekinetic powers. I used to read it over and over and hope that somehow I would also obtain such powers through READING (hear that kids, READING IS COOL!) but sadly Jan did not take scary untested fertility drugs in the 70s so I have no power to move things with my mind. Moving on (with my mind!)...

So we finally went to get Jeff''s car this weekend. Here are a couple of atrocious pictures:

I really have no business taking pictures of anything. Anyway, it's pretty cool and the inside is equally nice and it's FAST so I'm going to have to get some Dramamine to be able to ride in it. Car sickness is no joke, people. The previous owner took VERY good care of it and it shows as there isn't a scratch on the thing. The only problem is that it has summer tires and we live in the Midwest so the drive home was slightly treacherous for him until we were almost to Bloomington. Apparently, they turn into solid rocks in the cold and they have zero traction in any kind of snow. Fabulous. We were only at the dealer for about 20 minutes since he did the deal beforehand, which left me more time at Ikea. YES! I didn't go crazy or anything, in fact we were there a record 40 minutes. Last time we were there for about 2+ hours and I thought that was short. Things would be SO much easier if they just built a goddamn Ikea HERE. DO YOU HEAR ME IKEA OVERLORDS?

Anyway, that's that and the car's cool and he is happy so that's what's important. I would like to send out a big OH YEAH to LM in regards to the Cardinals advancing to the Superbowl yesterday. Now I hate sports so I couldn't give a crap, but she is a die-hard fan and has stuck by them through thick and thin, well more like thin and thin but whatever, she is a SUPERFAN and I am so glad she gets this experience. GO CARDINALS!!!!

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LM said...

Thin and thin is right. I literally did wait a lifetime for yesterday. And now they go to the big game? I'm still in shock. I can't wait to ride in Jeff's car. I'll wait till summer though, thanks.