Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Anyone else bothered by the Charmin commercial featuring the cartoon bear with toilet paper bits stuck to it's arse? Anyways....

Yeah, that title has nothing to do with anything other than my annoyance that the bear has toilet paper bits stuck to it's ass in full view. It happens, but please keep that shit private. In other news...

So I haven't posted a horoscope lately since it's been BABY CENTRAL here so it's high time I did. Here's what it says today:

Pisces, 1/7/09
With each passing day the new year brings you more to think about. More information arrives. More understanding emerges. You have to think differently about the past now that you recognise what it has led to. You will think differently again as the events of the coming weeks and months unfold. Jump to no conclusions. Remain open-minded. Just be genuinely relaxed and confident about the factors and forces that have led you to where you are now. These are your friends, not your enemies. There's a Solar eclipse on due on 26th January. Be ready for this life changing astrological alignment.

I can't really divulge much detail, but suffice it say, this horoscope is EERILY ACCURATE. As usual. Things in my life have been topsy-turvy for the last month or so and amidst all the chaos, I have made many revelations. One of those is that I miss sleep. Seriously. I miss it like I miss my youth. I have been told that I have to break up with sleep for the next 18 YEARS or so which sucks on astronomical levels. Max does not miss it because he never loved it the way I loved it so the fact that he is up most of the night flipping sleep the bird does not bother him. He is a stinker! Anyway, the rest of my revelations are actually important so it's none of your beezwax right now. You'll find out in good time.

On another note, today is day two of The Great Daycare Experiment of 2009. Yes, he's in daycare and IT SUCKS. I hate it. Before he came I was all "oh pish posh, I'm a working girl like Melanie Griffith and I have no desire to sit at home and talk gibberish to a drooling baby all the live long day" but DAMN, that's not happening. I miss his little screaming butt and it broke my cold, black heart to leave him but unfortunately, it has to happen. He was okay yesterday but it was only an hour. Today he wasn't so thrilled to see me go and the look on his face was like the way a dog looks at you when you are perusing them at the pound. Sad eyes, turn the other way. Today was just a 3 hour tour minus the coconut radio but tomorrow is the full meal deal. Gulp. Hold me.

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LM said...

I'm sure it will be hard dropping him off for a while - especially since you're doing it to go somewhere you don't really want to go. It will get better though, and he'll get used to it. Socialization is always good for a kid. He'll make cute little daycare friends in no time, and the girls are gonna love him! Watch out.