Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get down with the sickness

So, yesterday I got a phone call from day care. It was day two in the joint, and he'd only been there for about 4 hours and had managed to projectile vomit YET AGAIN all over the day care workers. I was in a meeting and my phone was ringing, apparently the ringer volume was on JET ENGINE level since it could be heard all over the office (note to self, turn down ringer), and I just had some kind of spidey/mom sense kick in that made me think it was them so as soon as I could, I ran back to my desk as sure enough, the number was flashing as a missed call. When I called back, the girl was very nice but I could tell in her voice that things were not well. She said he was fussy all morning and then when she laid him down for his nap, he went down in the crib and just looked up at her. That is not normal. We usually have to bribe him or put him to sleep before even looking at the crib. At first she was like "what a good boy!' but then realized he was just lying there like a piece of spaghetti. She picked him up and was met with a mouthful. Okay fine. She cleaned that up and put him back down and BLAAAAAH, more came up all over the crib. She picked him up again, cleaned him and the crib up and decided to rock him. That was a bad plan. After a few minutes, he turned to look at her and threw up so much and so forcefully, she said it was IN HER BRA. That's when she called me.

The doctor said he probably has the same virus he had before BUT WAIT, there's more. He also has a nasty respiratory infection so not only are we on gooey-poo alert, but he is also expelling MASSIVE amounts of snot. It's like a nose faucet. You grab it with a kleenex and try to wipe but more keeps coming, like it's attached to his brain and the more you pull, the more comes out and the best part is that he HATES having his nose wiped so I'm trying to pull this snot string out of his nose while he's thrashing his head around and screaming. Most of it has ended up on my shirt, his face and possibly the dog, not so much in the kleenex. He's also coughing, usually right about when he's 2.5 inches from my face so I've had many a fluid sprayed at me. I need a silkwood shower.

Anyway, as long as he stays gooey-poo free for the rest of the day (PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN), he can go back to day care tomorrow where he'll probably bring something poopier and snottier home to me. FANTASTIC!

UPDATE: As I'm sure you're as interested in the pooping habits of my son as I am, you should know that BINGO, we have gooey-poo. Not only that but it is BRIGHT GREEN. This is hopefully from the "grape" food coloring in his pedialite and not due to him being an alien and no one told me. So, no day care tomorrow. Fabulous. This week just keeps getting better.

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