Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, Lost premiered last night. THANK YOU LORD! It's been sooooooooo long, my sweet love. As I did in previous seasons, I plan on posting recaps every week. Since last night was a double episode and my brain is still trying to unfold itself from the fetal position from the MIND BLOWING escapades, the recap will probably come tomorrow. Sorry but my jello brain can only process so much these days and there was A LOT of stuff to weed through. Just a few highlights to whet your whistle:

-Sawyer, stop being an annoying hillbilly. You have obviously seen some weird happenings on this island so stopping and asking Faraday "durh, wut's goin' on? Where's mah camp?" every 5 seconds and not heeding his warning to shut up and get to the Orchid is GETTING OLD.

-Sun, are you good or bad? I can't figure it out. You seem so nice and of course I love you more since you're Korean but DAMN GIRL, you cold.

-Hurley, you are dumb. Didn't zombie Ana Lucia's warning to NOT GET ARRESTED sink in to your cheeseburger brain? Well done on getting yourself arrested. Good move.

-Neil, sorry your only purpose was to be set on fire with an arrow. Tough break.

That's all for now. Lost, you complete me.


Gwen said...

I was hoping you'd do recaps again! So glad it's back!

Allie said...

I think Sun is going rogue. :) She had that evil look about her.