Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lost Recap

Oh Lost, you're such a bad boyfriend. You confuse me, fill me with uncertainty and then just when I'm really mad at you, you go and do something nice. You're a bad boy. Let us chat.....

- So, Penny and Des have a leetle baby boy and they name him Charlie. Awww...but why did they show it and then immediately flash to them in the future going to Great Britain? I hasten to think the producers show us anything without context and it seemed like a convoluted way to say they had a baby. Where were they and why? It sure looked like the village the Oceanic 6 washed up on Maybe it's nothing but I think we might be revisiting that place and that doctor again. Just a hunch. So the Hume family is headed to GB to find Daniel's mommy at Oxford. I guess we can all agree that his mommy is probably Eloise Hawkins, which makes me wonder who's side she is on and it kinda throws a wrench on the who is bad/who is good flowchart that is in my brain. We'll get to that later. Anyway.....

-Back in the jungle, the nerd brigade are headed to the creek to rendezvous with Juliet and the rest of the peeps from the beach, which may I interject that on this island is there only ONE CREEK? It just seems like they're all "meet me at the creek" and they just seem to know EXACTLY where that is. Weird. On the way, we see Ginger Spice is still a sickey and Danny knows why but he won't say and just when they get to the creek, KABOOM, one of the extras that was only in the scene to die trips a wire and a mine blows. Suddenly they are met by people with rifles who look like they mean business.

-Back on Desmond's boat, he and Penny argue over his insistence to go to find Danny's mom. She knows her father will probably kill him if given the chance but Des is STUBBORN and has to go to save the world. Of course he does.

-Back on the island, the nerds are captured and the chick leader, who spoke as though she had just eaten some peanut brittle and her teeth were stuck together, wants to know where the rest of the people are and they're all "I don't know" and then they tell them that the nerds are the ones who put the mines there and and they're all "huh?" and then they ask again where the people are and Danny's like "I DON'T KNOW." Well, we then find Juliet, Locke and Sawyer, who have killed one soldier and have two others hostage. The dudes won't talk to them and start to speak Latin to each other, which pisses off Locke and Sawyer until we find out Juliet knows Latin because it's standard Other training. OH SNAP! Next we see the nerds marching with the other Others and Miles talks to dead people again and we hear there are fresh American soldier bodies buried in them there hills and Faraday's all "wha?" and then we get to the camp and who is there to greet us? Of course, it's Richard Alpert and of course he looks exactly the same as always. In fact, I believe is even wearing the same clothes he had on when he saw John in the jungle in the last episode. Really, they have JCrew in the jungle, Richard because that's a pretty nice shirt. Anyway, Richard said he thinks they're American soldiers that have come for "their bomb" and Danny's all "huh?"

-Back at Oxford, which you should be reading in an English accent AT ALL TIMES, Des tries to find Faraday or his mom and the lady says there's no record of either nor does he recall the year he himself had been there to see them. He leaves, finds the Physics building and goes in to see for himself. The room is taped off for fumigation but he busts that shit down and we see Danny's lab all a mess with all his gadgets covered in sheets. A man appears, a janitor perhaps, and he tells Des that the school has basically erased Danny from their memory after "wha' he done to that poor girl." We see the rat maze and a picture of Danny and some blonde woman and Des is mighty cornfused now and the man tells him to tell his mates he saw NOTHING and Des leaves.

-On the island, Danny tells Charlotte and Miles that they need to keep pretending to be American soldiers to stay alive. Richard interrupts their fun and Danny says they are scientists and Richards asks if they are here to recover their bomb and Danny reveals that he knows it's a FREAKING H-BOMB and he knows the bomb is not right and that he will fix it for them. Holy crap! He also professes his love for Charlotte. Hmm...

-Back in the jungle, Sawyer, Juliet and the rest are marching the captured soldiers and trying to get them to take them to their camp and just when one of them starts to give, the other breaks out, SNAPS HIS NECK, and takes off. OUCH!

-Des has found the "poor girl" that the Oxford dude told him about and what he finds is a woman, presumably the one in the photo with him, who is in a catatonic state living with her sister. Des wants to talk to her but the sister says "she is away" and we figure out that a) Daniel must have done experiments on her and now she is time-traveling constantly to her detriment, b) Danny left her there like that (is he bad?) and the biggie c) WIDMORE is Danny's benefactor, funded his research and has been caring for this woman since this happened. Des visits Widmore, who seems genuinely surprised to see him, asks him to tell him who Danny's mom is and Widmore does. He also tells Des to STAY OUT OF THIS SHIT and to go back into hiding with Penny. He does give him the info and tells him she is in LA, which further confirms that it's probably Hawkins. It may have been a trick but I think he was being sincere. He knows that Ben will pop a cap in Penny at the first chance to make up for Alex getting her brains blown out. The game has changed! This leads me to question whether Widmore is as bad as we think. Maybe he knows that Ben is going to use the island to do something bad. Maybe not but I TRUST NO ONE.

-On the island, Danny tells Charlotte again that he loves her and Richard allows him to go fix the bomb. He tells him that they had killed many soldiers and had no problem killing. Does this mean Richard is bad? While they're talking, the soldier who ran off comes running up and argues with Richard over Danny and Richard is all up in his business for possibly leading them to the camp and the soldier is all "you think he knows this island better than I do?" and then we see Locke and Juliette up on the hill looking down on them. Locke remarks that he is surprised Richard is there and Juliette says that Richard has always been there and that he is very old. Thank you Captain Obvious. Faraday is sent off with the blonde girl to fix the bomb, Locke goes down to the camp to find Richard and Sawyer and Juliette go to try and save Danny, who they think is being led to his death. While Faraday and the blonde woman walk, he mentions that she looks so much like someone else, which of course is foreshadowing but who she is we don't know yet. Maybe it's his mother as a young woman. Just a thought. Anyway, Sawyer and Juliet find them, explain that they are from the future, Danny tells her they need to bury the bomb and that she shouldn't worry because the island is still there 50 years from now so the bomb does not go off. However, this will mean that in future time, there is an H-bomb buried on this island. Maybe that's what they're really trying to find. Probably not, but whatever.

-Locke goes to the camp and tries to explain to Richard and his eyeliner that he is from the future and that Jacob sent him but the rascally soldier from before gets all up in HIS business and we then learn that this soldier is.........WIDMORE. I literally STOOD UP FROM THE COUCH IN DISBELIEF. I try to stay away from Lost spoilers as much as I can so this was a lovely surprise to me. So now we know. Widmore WAS on the island. One interesting note, when Locke and Richard are talking, Richard seems surprised that Locke has time traveled. This means that the Dharma experiments have not yet started. This also leave a big hole as to why the others are there in the first place. Finally, in a last dramatic moment, Charlotte's nose starts to bleed and she collapses, just like the other people who time traveled did. I don't think she is dead and quite frankly, I don't think Danny loved her but as we recall from The Constant, when someone is traveling like Desmond did and like we can only assume Charlotte is in some fashion, they need something to keep them "constant" and for Desmond, it was Penny so I think Daniel was telling her he loved her to give her something constant to try and save her.

Okay, so that's a lot to digest. A few points, we still have no connection between Widmore and Ben. Ben is too young to have been on the island at this time, so we still need to see when, where and how they cross paths and what starts the feud. I also believe that everyone who has come to the island has had to have been there before, including Miles who I suspect could be the child of Dr. Marvin Candle. We also know that the Others like to chop off hands and Candle was missing a hand. Another odd thing, when the Losties were attacked on the beach, why did they run into the jungle? Wouldn't that mean that the flaming arrows came from the direction of the water? Also, if time unfolds as it's supposed to no matter what, as we are told by Faraday, why are Ben and Hawkins SO freaked out about getting back to the island? Does this mean that while you can't change the past, you can travel back and change the future because isn't that what Desmond is doing, changing the future? Are they afraid that if they don't get back to protect the island, Widmore will go back and blow it the hell up with that bomb? So many questions........

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LM said...

Well, we know we can't change the past but it seems likely that if we could go back in time and do things differently, it would certainly change the course of the future so I agree w/that theory. I thought the soldier girl reminded Faraday of the girl in the photo/coma. Maybe that was too easy of an assumption. I was too lazy to stand up, but when I found out that young soldier guy was Widmore, I did yell out loud, "NO EFFIN WAY!". I agree 100% that miles might be Candle's son. I also agree that Faraday doesn't really love Charlotte. I think he knows she loves him and knows she's sickly and wanted her to die happy. And I've always hated Juliette and I still do. She gets on my last nerve. Does she have ANY emotion at all?!? ANY? If someone killed her off, I'd be fine with that.