Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Wait.

Oh man, I'm on freaking pins and needles today. I have to keep telling myself that we may not get the travel call today and that we might have to wait a few more days and then I get into an argument with myself because I don't want to hear that crap and then there's a brain fight and now we aren't speaking. Great. We probably wouldn't hear anything until a bit later anyway, but if everything went as planned, he should have had his visa interview already since Seoul is 15 hours ahead of us. Crikey! Okay, I have to go try to focus and get some work done today. I'll update as needed. Here's a picture from to look at while we wait:

Awww....shhhhhhhh, he's on the phone.

UPDATE** Sorry, but there's no update except for my stress level, which is at about DEFCON 3 now. AACK. I'm so frustrated right now and don't tell me to be patient. Every time the phone rings I jump, which means I'm jumping alot because the phone rings her constantly. Le sigh. Okay, go back to looking at this damn puppy on the phone.


Gwen said...

My fingers are quietly crossed.

Allie said...

Thinking good thoughts about you getting the call today!