Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm super frazzled right now so a short post just to say that we are scheduled to meet Max and his foster mother at 1:30 on Tuesday. I'm so excited but I'm also nervous because we are going to be total strangers to him. We ended up with some extra time in Seoul because we had a minimum amount of time to stay so we have a couple of city tours lined up which I'm really stoked about. I'm planning on posting when I can during the trip and if we can get it work, we're going to try and post a video of our meeting on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who has cheered us on and wished us well. You guys kick ass!


LM said...

Based on the books I browsed at your place, you're going to see some cool shit. Rub a buddah belly on my behalf. Wish I could be a fly on the wall when you meet Max for the first time. A week from now you'll be home with him!

Gwen said...

I suspect the little bugger will be shy and trepidatious, which may sting a little at first but just remember that one day soon you and Jeff will be his entire world.

Jeebus, why do I cry every time I come over here? This whole business has moved me and makes me weepy. I am so happy for you. You guys are going to be such good parents.