Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday....Celebrate...If we took a holiday......

As soon as I'm looking forward to 4 days off, they're over. Poof. Just like that. Man, 4 days at work is an eternity but 4 days of sleeping in and eating and sleeping and eating more and shopping and laying around is AWESOME and goes really fast. In case you were wondering what we did, because you clearly like boring things, that about sums it up. Thanksgiving was a really nice starter to the long weekend. We went to brunch and somehow ended up getting our own private dining room so we totally felt like rock stars and it was really fun and I had the best mashed sweet potatoes I've ever had. Mmmmm....I'm still thinking abut them. After brunch, Jeff and I went home to make a cake for my boss's son's birthday.(You can check it out on the other blog if you choose.) Anyways, after we got the cake done, we headed out to my sister's house. We couldn't decide if we wanted to brave the crowds again at 5am to go Black Friday shopping but we figured it would be better if we were there and ready. Well, at 7am the next morning, and considering I was still in bed, we decided on plan B, which was to go shopping at a more civilized time. We dropped off the cake and headed to the mall, where we wandered around aimlessly, remarking on how the economy wouldn't be so crappy if places like the Gap realized that while it's nice and all, $60 for a freaking sweater is ridiculous. There just were no deals anywhere. We decided screw the mall and went to Target and Walmart, where I discovered that I'll pretty much buy anything for $5. Fake pashmina for $5? SOLD. Two-pack of knee socks for $5? SOLD. The only big purchase we made, and I say "we" in the royal sense since my sister actually bought it, was Rock Band for Wii, which KICKS ASS! We trotted it home and set upon putting it together and then we made our band we called Richard. Friday was also my sister's birthday, so in honor of that, we let her be on guitar, which put me on drums and Jeff on vocals since he has trouble keeping a beat (sorry honey, but it's true.) Anyway, we got through about 8 songs before we sucked so badly that we got stonewalled by a Ramones song and decided to cancel the tour and go eat sushi. For the record, Jeff was a champ and carried us on vocals like a pro. I know that with more practice, we're gonna be the best fake band EVER.

Anyway, the next day, Saturday, was our 6th anniversary. Normally we go out to a fancy dinner but we decided to stay in and cook this year. Jeff cleaned the house and made it look fabulous and we had lovely appetizers and wine and then we decided to open presents. We usually get small things, like this year I got him a Zen fatherhood book and a tshirt for Kimchi that says, and I'm not kidding and I didn't make it myself, "Daddy's Little Kimchi." How freaking awesome is that?! Jeff pulls out this really nicely wrapped box for me and when I opened it, there was a small white box. I opened that and inside was a really pretty ring with a big blue topaz or something in the center. It was pretty and I'm not really a jewelry girl but it was so sweet and while I was gushing about what a great husband i have, he pulls out a different white box and when I opened it he said "the other one's a fake, this is the real one,"

I was like "holy bajoley," are you kidding me?! It's absolutely gorgeous and I cried and he cried and I just love him so dang much. The center stone is aquamarine, which is my birthstone, and it's surrounded by diamonds, which are both Jeff and Max's birthstone. We had a great night and dinner was delicious, thanks for asking. After all this, Sunday was pretty uneventful. The dog got a haircut, and as you can see, we got her a new sweater since all her hair is gone. She is thrilled with us and I'm sure she would be calling PETA if she could dial a phone.

Sorry, Z.


LM said...

I love, love, love your ring. It's super purty. Jeff snuck me a peek when I was at your house the other night. That photo of Zoey cracks me up.

Allie said...

That ring is beautiful! Happy Anniversary!