Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Aww...chubby cheeks.

I wanted to post a few pics of the kid from the holidays. He seemed to enjoy Christmas, as much as a baby can enjoy anything so WELL DONE us. He was far more interested in eating wrapping paper and chewing on the boxes than he was in the actual gifts so everyone could have saved a lot of money. Hindsight. We have a post-placement visit tomorrow so they can see how he is settling in and how we are all doing as a family. The fun never ends.

I know the tree looks pink but it's white. For reals. The colored lights make it look pink, not that I don't TOTALLY covet a pink tree but I think Jeff would cancel Christmas if I bought one. BUT, if I had the pink tree AND a regular tree........hmmm.....I like where this is going. Anyways, cute kid, blahblahblah.

WHEEEE!! Look at me eat mah elephant's butt!

This picture is the cutest, hands down. I love his emo hair and he looks like he's telling me to go suck it.

"Why lady, WHY THIS GODDAMN HAT? Why you gotta do me like this?"

Mmmmmm......paper good.


LM said...

I love the hat photo. Go figure. Have you seen my foot-high pink xmas tree made of tulle that I inherited from my mom? We need to find you one of those.

Gwen said...


Sounds like you guys are settling in?

Allie said...

That does look like some tasty wrapping paper. :)

He is adorable!