Thursday, December 4, 2008

Universe-2, Me-0

Pisces, 12/4/08
Allegedly, if you want to grow a banana tree, all you need is a greenhouse and an onion. Plant the bulb, water the soil and say, 'Onion, onion, one, two three; turn into a banana tree.' This technique is guaranteed to work, provided you have absolute faith in it. If, for one tiny moment, at any point, you doubt that the onion can or will become a banana, the enterprise will fail. Trust is a wonderful thing. Sometimes it can work miracles. But only if it is based on something truly viable. Look for magic not logic, now.

My first question is would the banana taste like onion, because I like weird food combos sometimes but that just sounds nasty. Okay kids, so today's lesson is faith and trust. So, I have FAITH that the freaking travel call will come today and I TRUST it will happen soon or else I will most likely explode.

So as you guessed, no travel call. Last night was hard. I know it's like "oh poor me, I have to wait" but I've been waiting 3 YEARS for this to happen and I'm just done waiting so humor me a small pity party. It all just worries me because until that kid's in my arms, anything can happen. That's why I approach all these things with extreme caution. I've seen things fall apart before and I've seen people at this stage and then they still have to wait weeks or even months for the call. The worst is that we have no way of knowing what's going on behind the scenes so saying "oh, just be patient" will probably cause me to rip some one's head off their shoulders with my bare hands so I don't advise that. I woke up today saying to myself "voice in my head, today is THE DAY. Today you will get THE CALL and then everyone will shout "HURRAH!" and there will be crying and laughing and frantic packing and phone calls and all that crap and then next week you'll have your baby home. That's what the voice says so that's what I'm listening to. Hopefully, and a BIG hopefully at that, I will have a big, sloppy post later with a lot of all caps words screaming glorious news.


Allie said...

Oh wow. I can't even imagine how hard this waiting is! Hope you get the call today!!!

Also, that was a really weird horoscope.

Amy and Jeff said...

Agreed Allie, what the hell does it mean?

Gwen said...

Onion, onion, one two three,
Turn into a baby, please.

Amy and Jeff said...

Nice Gwen!