Sunday, July 13, 2008


So I made a cake for an impromptu wedding this weekend. It was for a couple from Texas, so the cake was to be Texas-themed. It was also a bit short notice, so I went for simple instead of crazy. I think it was super cute and the lettering was nerve-wracking but I'm learning and that's how you improve. And much like the state itself, it was just too big to contain on one board.

And lest you think that little Keebler elves come out and make these cakes for me, I've also decided to show the cake in it's various states of development. Here it is after carving but pre-iced:

Here it is with the under coat of strawberry buttercream, which I thought was mucho delicioso:

Right now we are really focused on recipe development. We've found a few recipes we really like, but each one comes with its own issues. For instance, this particular cake tastes great (my opinion, of course) but it's very dense, which since most people are accustomed to the spongy crap they get from the Betty Crocker box, isn't always as well liked. I love dense cakes so I'm trying to fiddle with this recipe to make it taste good and be just slightly lighter without making it too light to do anything fun with.

Anyway, I hope to hear some feedback (please let it be good) later today so I'll update the carnage as it comes.


LM said...

I LOVE IT. IT IS VERY CUTE. And I love the sound of dense cake. The only thing better than dense cake in my book is cold dense cake. The strawberry buttercream looks and sounds delicious and makes me wonder if I should change my flavor requests for my Bday cake. Speaking of which, no pressure there. I won't even be here and you don't have to go all crazy with the pricey fondant. But buttercream does sound damn good.

jan the mom said...

It is again a work of art and of course practice makes perfect. Although I know how pricey practice can be. You should be entering a few contests you are that good.

Gwen said...

Love it! Who knew Texas was strawberry flavored?

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to those Betty Crockers.
I like my cake like I like my men: sweet, and a little on the dense side.
Your cakes are getting better and
better, don't give up.

amy & jeff said...

Thanks anonymous. It's almost like I know you.

Allie said...

You are incredible! Wow!