Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Oh Dear Abby, where art thou when thy needs you, eh?

Sorry no posty since Friday but I've been a bit busy. As you know I've gone cake-loco and I have yet another cake to make this week so things aren't slowing down anytime soon. It's for Sunday so no pics til the weekend but I plan on it being very cute so it'll be worth your time. Aside from all the baking shenanigans going on here, I've also been juggling two part time gigs. I'm not getting into detail lest this be read by someone in the know, but lets just say I've been majorly struggling as to which direction to head in. I've had some interesting opportunities arise and I'm really torn as to how to approach things. If I had my druthers, and boy oh boy would I like some goddamn druthers right now, I'd be a cake designer full time but since this ain't Disney and dreams don't always come true here, so it looks like it'll be a part-time venture for now. The funny part is that this is the one time in my life I've been confident about something. SHOCKING. I am the first person to point out my NUMEROUS flaws both personally and in my various types of work, but there's something about this cake business that just seemed to have grabbed me and made me think I could do it just like the Ace of Cakes fellow did, although I doubt I have missed any calls from the Food Network and I'm not bald but I digress. This grabbing business, however, completely disregards the fact that I suck as a business-ey type and don't even have the balls to charge people for things because I'm afraid they'll run away or tell me to go suck it or whatever (this has kind of happened.) Overall this makes things quite difficult and makes me very stabby.

Whatever. Bottom line is that I don't have any answers but I know I have to make some sort of decision very soon otherwise someone will make it for me and then I'll be all pissypants and that's not good for anyone. Jeff will attest.

On another note, Jeff and I did fun things with my friend Gwen over the weekend so if you head to her blog at www.everythingilikecausescancer.blogspot.com, you can read all about our Sunday together. I would recap it here but she already did with pictures and I'm just that lazy.

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