Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Donut 54

LM's birthday was a few weeks ago and unfortunately, she had to attend an out of town funeral on her birthday so we celebrated a bit late. I, of course, planned to make her a cake. I hemmed and hawed for days as to what kind of cake to make because I am a horrible gift giver and I suck at finding those perfect gifts for people and then I feel all guilty and then 6 months later I'll be like "DANGIT, I SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN THAT FOR SO-AND-SO'S BIRTHDAY" but then the same thing happens again the next year and so on. Anyway, the light finally went off in my brain and I decided that LM was getting a giant donut cake. LM and I have a long history of loving donuts. We spent many a night sitting in the DelTaco parking lot after the bars closed, bemoaning the lack of late night donut options. We decided that there needed to be a bar that served not only beer but donuts as well. And to top that, they would be delivered to you by girls on roller skates. This all seemed like a really good idea after 8 martinis and a bean burrito. We were even going to name it Donut 54, in honor of our love of the disco (that name is OURS so hands off suckers). 11 years later and the donut is still our muse.
Here's how it looked as I was carving it out. Oh yeah, I carved it. No bundt pans here fo real.

It was a delicious vanilla butter cake with a mocha buttercream icing.

Coffee and a donut, GET IT?

This is a big week for cakes here. I've got two for Friday and one for Sunday. Pictures to come.


LM said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY CAKE. I love it as much as I love donuts. Not as much as I love you, though. I forgot that Donut 54 was going to serve beer! How could I forget that? I do remember, however, that we came up with the idea of a drive thru before Krispy Kreme had them. And the delivery was key. Everyone would have donuts on a sunday morning if they could be delivered! If someone steals our very first get-rich-quick scheme, we're going to sue. And then we'll be rich via Donut 54 anyway!

Gwen said...

Sorry I'm so late to comment - my feed reader isn't updating you, the bastard.

Anyway, I LOVE THAT CAKE!!! The history behind it is the icing on the doughnut.