Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So, we're going to Chicago in two weeks with my sister and bro-in-law. It's just an overnight trip to go see her favorite band but Jeff and I are making the most of it and are stopping at Ikea to get some cheap stuff for the house. I've pretty much crapped out on getting this house put together because all I want to do is rip stuff out and I have nothing to replace anything with. While I love my new house and know that when we do all the stuff we eventually want to do, it'll be KICK ASS, the reality is that it's pretty jacked up right now. It's obvious they slapped on some paint to sell this thing and when I say slapped on some paint, I'm not exaggerating. They painted over the tile back splash, the outlet covers and wallpaper. Like three layers of wallpaper. And they added a skim coat to smooth it out to really throw us off. Too bad they forgot that wallpaper has SEAMS that are right there for the world to see. sigh. Not to mention the ridiculously ugly fans and light fixtures that plague us. Seriously. Our bathroom fixture, if you can call it that, looks like it was a reject from the Bates Motel and you know they had low standards already.

Anyway, I'm going to photo document this expedition and since it's where we spend all our time, we're starting in the kitchen. This is what it looks like now:

Nice. The clutter adds a certain elegance, right? I also could have wiped off my lens but you know where you are. This weekend, we're painting the lower cabinets so that when we get back from Ikea, we're all ready to rip out the uppers. We're replacing the uppers with open shelves and hopefully we're going to squeeze a countertop home in the van. I'm also in the market for an acid yellow paint color. When I was explaining this to Jeff, I showed him a cup that was close to the color I wanted, before I could even say it he said, "this color but more ACIDY, right?" He knows me. Stay tuned if you like this sort of thing. If not, I can't help you. Go read a book or something.

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Kait said...


I love Ikea. A lot. They need to build one in St Louis and it would be like the holy temple of Ikea because I would make sure I was there every Sunday to worship at the alter of cheap Swedish stuff.

And hey, if you guys ever need any slave labor, that man I'm married to likes doing home reno projects. I'm not good for much of that but I'm really good at bringing beer.

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