Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You're a peein'? Don't get it on my leg.

So, despite the rain last weekend, Jeff and I took Max to the European Car Show. It was in a swanky mall parking lot, which was convenient because I had been wanting to stock up on diamonds and Gucci bags at Neiman Marcus. I keed, I keed. They wouldn't even let me pee in that place. Anyway, when we pulled in, the rain looked like it was stopping but once we parked and got out, it started up so I decided to spare humanity the horror of seeing my hair go bananas so I opted to stay in the car and play Mahjong on my iPhone. I've become quite a fan of this game, which unlike sudoku does not require math skills and I find I can waste a good amount of time playing it. They were only gone for about 15-20 minutes, it wasn't a big car show, and returned with pictures so I could view from the comfort of the front seat. As we all know, I have an unnatural love of all things miniature so anytime I can go see real Austin Minis I will go. The new ones are okay but nothing beats the original and I will own one someday. SOMEDAY I TELL YOU. They even had a MINI TRUCK that would be perfect for delivering my cakes. You hear that Ebay Motors, produce me a mini truck and we'll be friends.

Max looking bug-eyed with a bug-eyed Austin-Healey Sprite. I will also take one of these, please. I'm not 100% sure but I think Max is giving you his Blue Steel again. You're welcome.

Meh. Car is okay, kid looks disgusted. Show me something better, daddy.

MUCH BETTER. He's pleading with his eyes for daddy to get this for mommy. It would make everyone so happy.

This was next to the one in the last pic. Um, flames and a checkerboard roof? HELLS YES.

This is the mini truck. Swap out the landscape graphics for my cake logo and bam, Bob's your uncle.


LM said...

is it me or does that mini truck look somewhat like the vehicle you already have? Yours is slightly larger, but same boxy shape. You just need to use your imagination a bit. Like, imagine that it's actually smaller and european and says "atomic cake co." on the side.

Anonymous said...

That mini truck would look darn good out front of the bakery here on the Hill.......

I also need to get some of your cards, there were some people at the party Saturday that said they would like one.


Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Hell yeah, Erin! Email me your address and I'll mail you some cards.