Friday, June 12, 2009

Order In The Court

So, today was the day. The official day in court to make little Kimchi a US citizen and our kid forever. Whether he likes it or not. Our return period is over, kid. It's weird that it's all done. We have no more paperwork, no more visits, no more poking and prodding and check writing. I was nervous all morning because it's court and court makes me nervous. Not that I've been a whole lot but not much good comes from court. Except this. This was kick ass.

Grandma Jan, Grandpa Cliff and Grandpa Larry were on hand to witness the festivities. We all met up in the waiting are and our attorney gave us the lowdown on how things were going to play out. It was mostly a bunch of questions with me answering "yes." It was riveting and I expect to be asked to reprise my performance on "Law & Order" any day now. Max had not had a nap so he was less than enthusiastic about being asked to sit still in a quiet courtroom. The courtroom itself was quite small and it was just us and the court people. He started to squirm shortly after they started questioning me and finally I saw the judge reach into his big judge desk and pull out two things and hand them to the court lady next to him. She brought them over and it was a fruit roll-up and a pack of Oreos. Jeff gave him the fruit roll-up IN the pack and he proceeded to smack it on every surface he could find, including Jeff, as you can see below, while also trying to pry it open with this teeth so he could eat it. He also spent this time exercising his vocal chords.

Well the attorney was still talking away and Max is smacking the pack around and trying to bite it and finally the judge interrupts the attorney and bellows "JEFFREY, JUST GIVE HIM THE FRUIT ROLL UP. WHAT ELSE DOES HE HAVE TO DO?" Jeff turned 97 shades of embarrassed and very quickly tore open the fruit roll-up. Within 2 minutes Max is covered in sticky drool and I pass him back to Jeff and then in the middle of the judge handing down the ruling, he very loudly burps. In the echoy courtroom. I was trying to keep a straight face at the judge who is staring at me and speaking but I was about to DIE. They finally ruled that we get to keep him and everyone started to clap, which for some reason was hilarious to me and then we went up for a photo op with the judge. Max was VERY interested in him, specifically his robe, and kept putting his arms out like he wanted the judge to hold him so he did! It was hilarious and the judge was so cool about all his shenanigans, even giving up his secret sugar stash.

Then they kicked our asses out for the next case and we went out for Mexican food.

Here you see him contemplating his new status as an American and how he's going get out of jury duty. I keed, I keed. He will serve.


LM said...

I firmly believe that The Genius has learned to control his burping and did that on purpose, on cue. He knows exactly what he's doing most of the time, it seems. Congrats again!

Sara said...

Congratulations Amy, Jeff and Max!!!

Allie said...