Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Round Up

So, this was quite a weekend here for all of us. As you know, Friday was a big day with all the legal wrangling and whatnot and really, how could we top that? Saturday, Grandma Jan was so kind as to come and babysit so we could meet my sister for lunch and a movie. We saw Star Trek, which was AWESOME. Seriously awesome. Now, we are geeks so we would have seen it anyway, but it was really just a good movie, whether you like sci-fi or not. Hot Captain Kirk didn't hurt, either. I have to say it was nice to eat a meal without someone's grubby hands trying to grab everything in sight or having to dodge flying food or trying to convince someone that staying in his high chair was beneficial to us all.
Sunday was also a day of firsts. It was Max's first time in the big pool! We have a little pool at home that he's been in and loves but this time we took him to grandpa's big fancy neighborhood pool. We bought him a little floaty thing but eventually Jeff took him out and he was SO HAPPY. He has no fear and didn't care if he got water in his eyes or anything. This is good because I want him to be a good swimmer but bad because he has NO FEAR. Yikes. Anyway, he had so much fun that we're taking him again soon. This time I'm getting in so BEWARE OF THE SAFETY POLICE.
This was pre-swim. He was like "what the hell is this big blue thing?"

HE'S IN! That is one fine looking husband I have.

Here he is in full swim. He was kicking those feet like a champ.

Daddy was throwing him up and he was cracking up. Mommy was sitting on her hands at the edge hoping she could figure out CPR if necessary. I KEED GRANDMA, I KEED.

Daddy, Grandpa and Max. Classic.

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