Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Roundup

So, there hasn't been much to report here from Kimchi Central. Things are not necessarily boring, well actually they are but as soon as I say that the roof will fall in or Max will sprout antennae and a tail or some shit, but they do tend to be the same. It's like Groundhog Day but without the comedy stylings of one Mr. Bill Murray. I'm either hovering over him to make sure he doesn't bash his brains out on the coffee table or keeping him from eating poison, trying to get work done between tantrums or attempting to maintain control of this house. The latter usually falls to the wayside, evident by the mountain of laundry I have staring at me and the piles of miscellaneous crap laying around. I should care more but I just don't. Max has been Senor Crabbystein the last few weeks and if we aren't entertaining him 10000% of the time, he's either whining, throwing something or screaming. It's lovely, really. I believe the medical term for this time is bratisitius and there is no known cure. I have found that if you drink enough wine, it doesn't really bother you anymore. I keed, I keed. Sorta.

We spent a good deal of the weekend outside, which is much to my dismay since I'm not a fan of nature or the outdoors in general, but we learned quickly that if we tire him out, he will sleep more. Not a lot more, mind you, but we did get an extra 45 minutes Saturday morning. The best part is that since we're so used to getting up at DAWN that when he does sleep in a bit, we still wake up and end up lying there going "is that him? did he just cry? is he awake?" instead of snoozing in. Ugh. It was also hot as hades this weekend so we spent part of Saturday afternoon in the backyard playing in the sprinkler. Max wasn't sure what to do about it and pretty much walked up and put his face right in the stream. Despite the water up the nose, he seemed to enjoy it. He also has a little blow-up pool with a fountain so it was pretty much like a water park out there. Well, a really crappy waterpark with a sprinkler and a 5" deep blow-up pool and some grass clippings that stuck to everyone. Awesome. We did make it to the real pool on Sunday morning, though. It was nice because we were the only people there besides the lifeguard and the water was 80 degrees. We got him a life jacket, thinking we could let him splash around on his own but that lasted about .6 seconds and all the life jacket helped him do was to fall face first into the concrete when he tried to walk with it on. He has the bruise on his head to prove it. Sorry kid.

On another note, over the next 3 weeks, I'm going to be making 3-4 cakes to enter into a contest at Basically I have to take a shirt that they sell and translate the design to a cake. My friend Mary sent the contest my way and I thought it would be fun because the t-shirts are really funny. I'm not going to divulge which designs I'm using just yet but I'll be posting the cake pics as I finish them. I'm also going to ask you kind reader(s) to visit the website at that time to vote for my cakes. There's some pretty stiff competition out there but it'll be cool just to see a picture of my cake on a site that I don't maintain myself.

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