Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day, one day late.

So, Jeff and Max had quite a nice Father's Day weekend together. In the past, his father's days usually involved a card from the dog and some crap gift from me but this year I could not get my act together to even get him a freaking card but he got to celebrate it FOR REAL with a human child. I had a cake to do this weekend so on Saturday he took Max over to his dad's house to go swimming with his brother and our niece. Max is quite the little swimmer and Jeff said he was in the pool for an hour straight. I'd give my right arm to get the sweet tan this kid gets after being outside for 15 minutes. Seriously, it's gorgeous. Now, before you call child services and tell them I'm giving my kid skin cancer, we slathered him with sunscreen, he just tans easily, OKAY?! Anyway, they spent the better part of the day over there and he was one tired cookie when they got home.

On Sunday, I was going to brunch with my dad and Jeff was supposed to meet his dad and his brothers and their kids to go on a big family bike ride. My family never went on big family bike rides. This seems like work. I declined. We had prepared Max for this adventure earlier in the week by purchasing the world's cutest baby helmet and taking him on a test run. He is seriously killing me with that helmet on.
Well, as the morning went on Sunday and we realized how freaking hot it was getting, I was starting to gently suggest that perhaps it was too hot for Max to ride along, considering the car thing said it was 97 out and the humidity was at "tropical rainforest" levels. Jeff was all "it's fine" but by the time we were on our way to the restaurant for him to drop me off, his phone was ringing. The plans had changed, they were going swimming. HOORAY. This meant that Jeff was going to have to drop me off, go back home and get swim stuff for the both of them and drive all the way back to where we already were. So, he did this. When he finally made it to his dad's house, the plans had changed AGAIN. Now they were going to some lake where they were going to ride jet skis. HUH? Uh, I think Max is just a bit too little for that. Anyway, while I got a ride home from my sister, Jeff was getting lost somewhere in southern central St. Louis county trying to find this lake. He finally got there and ended up spending the whole time watching everyone else ride jet skis while he sat in a pavilion with Max. Here is artfully posing for you by the lake.
He kinda looks like a merman in this picture. You know, a male mermaid. Or a stump. Whichever. Anyways, I'm not saying he didn't have fun, because he got to hang with his dad, but I think we might go away next year so we don't have to run around for everyone else and he can just enjoy his day.

Regardless, Jeff is the greatest dad ever and if I had the foresight to find him a coffee cup that says that, I would have bought it.

Oh look at that. I just saved $8.99. You're welcome, honey.


Connie said...

sounds like the PERFECT day for Max and his dad. He looks so lost in thought there. Probably wishing he was wearing his cute helmet.

Connie said...

Oh and I am SUPER JEALOUS of the BIKE SEAT!!!!!