Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am de batman

So I went to see the Dark Knight last weekend. Jeff and I are not really movie people. We watch the occasional movie here and there but we don't exactly rush to the theater to see anything. The last movie I saw was Sex and the City and I spent most of the time trying to refrain from getting up and smacking the women around me who thought it was perfectly acceptable to gab throughout the ENTIRE movie. One woman even began to sing during the part where Carrie watches "Meet Me In St. Louis." Seriously. They also came all dolled up as though they were in the movie, which made me want to run screaming for the hills. IT'S DARK IN THERE, LADIES. No one could see your boobs falling out of your tube dress and quite frankly, I don't think that any of us, including the requisite 9 gay guys really gave a crap about what you looked like.

Oh wait, back to the Dark Knight. According to the internets, this is supposed to be the GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME, so I had some pretty high expectations. We went with my sister and Brother and my little sister Jessica. Jess is leaving for college next weekend so it was our little farewell gathering with her. Jeff and I met them all at the theater and soon we found out that we were the only ones out of our group that hadn't seen the movie yet. You mean to tell me that we were going to a movie, on an 80 degree day in August, that everyone except for the two people that care the least about movies had already seen? Excellent. Anyway, the best part of the whole thing was that there were only 8 other people in the entire theater. I think I would like for this to happen every time I venture to the movies. After 17 previews and a Coke commercial, we finally saw The Dark Knight. I was worried that I would be lost since the last Batman I saw was Michael Keaton ( I am OLD) but thankfully the plot wasn't exactly complicated. Overall I didn't really think it was THE GREATEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. It was worth my $6.75 matinee price because it was pretty entertaining but would I see it again, um, no. Maybe on cable or TBS or something. Was Heath Ledger the second coming of Jokers? Um, no. He was good, yeah, but he wasn't AWESOME. He effectively played a weirdo, which may or may not have been a stretch. I certainly don't think his performance would be heralded as so great if he hadn't recently left us. Harsh, yes. True, yes. Christian Bale is super hot and I would not kick him out of bed but he was a bit wooden as Bruce Wayne and I can't understand why they made him speak like he had laryngitis as Batman but whatever, cool suit and batpod thing and so on. The rest of the cast was actually quite good but I love Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman in most things so that was kind of a given for me. Anyways, I give it two thumbs sideways. It was entertaining, but would have been better if they had shaved about an hour off the run time and made Batman speak like a human.


Gwen said...

I agree with your final assessment - "It was entertaining, but would have been better if they had shaved about an hour off the run time and made Batman speak like a human." - but I disagree about Heath. I think that if you'd seen it before all the hype took over the world, you'd have been wowed.

LM said...

I cannot believe you saw Sex in the City. Did you even watch the show? If so, you hid it well.

amy & jeff said...

Gwen - I maintain about Heath. I've seen many movies with him in it and being intense doesn't make you a good actor and while I adored him in Brokeback, I think he was a good Joker but the performance wasn't jaw-dropping like everyone made it seem.

LM -it's not something I'm proud of