Saturday, August 23, 2008

Adoption Roundup guys made me cry with all your sweet comments. Thank you. So, a couple new things to report. First, we got our packet of paperwork. It's big and scary and I don't understand half of what it all says but we got it anyway and plan on spending our Saturday night knee deep in government forms. Oh yeah baby, government forms. It's bizness time. Second, we have decided that instead of having hm brought here, we are going to travel to get him. I'm totally scared but I think it's better for him as far as adjusting later and it's good for us to meet his foster mother and see where he lives and how he's cared for first hand. It's REALLY far away. I'm pretty sure there won't be anything there I can eat so I'm going to turn vegetarian just so I don't accidentally eat an eyeball or something. No offense to the fine people of Korea. I won't even eat a chicken McNugget so it's not you. I am looking forward to the shopping because we read that there is a HUGE shopping district that has everything you could imagine. We're only there for 72 hrs. so I have a lot to cram in. Then there's the flight home. 20 hrs. on a plane with a baby I just met and who probably thinks I'm the worst person in the world for taking it from it's foster mother. Yeah, that's going to be really fun.

Lastly, and mostly, we have chosen a name. We've decided on Max Genaro for his first and middle. No last name in case you're a psychopath. It's the first name we chose years ago and every time we would think we liked another one, we always came back to Max and Genaro is a family name from my dad's side. So there it is.
I would also like to point out the gigantic outfit he is wearing in that picture. That and that hair. That shit is precious.


Gwen said...

Max is one of my all-time favorite names. Plus how cute is a little Korean kid with a Jewish old-man name? Too cute is how much.

LM said...

Why am I not surprised you have a shopping trip already planned while there?

Allie said...

Max! Love it!

Awesome that you're going to meet his foster mom and see what his life has been like so far.

He is beyond cute.

Dr Zibbs said...

I saw this rascal on Gwen's blog. Very cute. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jeff and Amy! He's adorable. Good luck with that plane ride. We couldn't even handle 2 hours with our Sam.

Rob & Cheryl

Stormy said...

Liliya sent me your link. Max is super adorable! Joplin and I are in NY till Oct. Flying wasn't bad at all. We had an ear drop prescription so the altitude changes didn't bother him.