Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Poor Santa.

So, we went to see Santa. It went about the way I thought it would go. Not as bad as the picture above but not great, either. He was fine in line, saying (yelling) "HI" to everyone around us, watching other kids go up for their picture and yelling "CHEESE" but once we got up to the big green chair...well, that's when it fell apart. I tried to sit him down but he had wrapped his legs around me like a spider monkey and was strangling me with my own scarf as he clung on for dear life yelling "NOOOOOO!" The elf lady suggested I sit down with him and they would crop me out so we tried that but that was still WAY TOO CLOSE TO SANTA and he again tried to crawl inside my body. We finally got him to sit for one picture that didn't involve his outstretched, pleading hands or crying face but it took about 5 people yelling "MAX, SMILE!" and a squeaky yellow toy. Incidentally, that's about the same technique that Petsmart uses for their "Pet Pics with Santa" but I digress. The whole thing lasted all of about a minute but he was super pissed off for the next hour or so. He finally warmed back up when he saw french fries were on his dinner plate (it was late, don't judge) so I think he's forgiven me.

Until next year.....

NOTE: Um yeah, I'm using his picture for our Christmas cards so I'm not posting it until they're mailed out and at that point you won't give a crap so imagine the above photo not set in 1950 and with a small Asian boy and not that poor child. That's about how PISSED he was, though.


Kait said...

We went to the Galleria last Wednesday and Santa was just chillin in his chair with no one in line. So, me, being brilliant, thought it was a perfect opportunity to get the girls to sit with Santa for a picture.

Yeah. That didn't happen. But at least we didn't have to wait in line so, eh. Whatever. It's pretty funny how kids are all OMG SANTA! until they're face to face with him.

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

No joke! We went to West County Center and he was super excited to see the trees and lights and other kids but the minute I walked toward Santa, fugedaboutit. I felt better after I saw the boy behind us, who looked to be about a year or so older, do the same thing. My mom had been talking to him in line and he was wowing her with his skills at saying "merry christmas," which he also said he was going to tell Santa. He told Santa nothing except get me out of here. Kids!

You must be close to us. We're in Dogtown.

LM said...

He'll probably have the same look of absolute fear that I had in that photo w/Santa from 1970 that I showed you. not pretty. And I think that was taken at W. County as well.