Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ho, Ho, UH OH.

So, Christmas is apparently in 3 days. This is according to my 2009 Pacific Island Art calendar but it is not according to my brain. WTF?! Seriously, I can't seem to get my brain to register that Christmas is THIS FRIDAY. Why, head, why? Why can you not grasp this simple concept? I know why. Because I haven't done jack shit about it. I'm even hosting a Christmas brunch here and have I even ordered my ham yet? No. Do I have ANYTHING resembling brunch supplies? No. Have I baked all the cookies I said I would? No. Do I have all my thoughtfully purchased (HAHAHA) presents wrapped in pretty paper under the tree? No. Well, actually I did wrap a few gifts last night in paper that may or may not be holiday related and I wrote the name on it with a Sharpie because I forgot to buy tags. HIGH CLASS. So, basically this all this means I'm going to spend the next two days running around like a deranged psychopath trying to get everything together.

Christmas-1 Me-0

Well played, Mr. Kringle.

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jan the mom and grandmom said...

That is when you forget the homemade and start buying ready made at the store. Sounds good to me but it will work out just fine. I am looking forward for sure.