Friday, March 19, 2010

You neither tuck nor point. Why don't they just call it brick repair?

So, this saga is never effing ending. We talked to the tuckpoint guy and while we got him to agree to a decent price, or at least a price that isn't going to compel me to jump off the nearest tall building, NOW he tells us he doesn't think he can get it done before closing. Well, that's not really going to work now, is it? He was nice enough but bristled when I brought up this very important factor. Sooooo.....we went to plan B and started calling around last night, trying to get someone with a crew to come who can do it in a day or so. There isn't THAT much and the first guy was telling us that he needed several, not a couple or a few, but SEVERAL dry days to do the job and while he's nice and all, I don't think he's the man for this and I think he knew it because he gave me the side eye when I kept mentioning timeframes and how several days wasn't in our plans.

So, we've arranged for two estimates today, first guy has a crew but we have no clue on price and second guy has guys to work for him and is reasonable price-wise, but he himself is going out of town for the next three weeks so a crew with no leader isn't giving me the warm fuzzies when we're dealing with thousands of dollars of work. What if we pay him and the crew never shows? What of they show for a day and then don't come back? These things concern me. That and when I gave him our address he seemed VERY familiar with it. Wanna know why? Turns out he's related to the FIRST GUY. The one that wanted "several days" to do the job. SUPER. This is why I hate calling around for bids and stuff. I felt like I needed to mention that we had spoken to him already but that the time frame wouldn't work but then I remembered that we're only going to be living here for another week so I really can't be concerned with the feelings of a man who's name I just learned 24 hours ago even though he's lived one house away for the last 6 years. Let's all hope the first guy works out so I don't have a front lawn family reunion on my hands.

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