Thursday, March 18, 2010

Et tu, house?

So, I'm about thisclose to having a total panic freakout with this house business. First the roof, which incidentally is being fixed as I type, had to be replaced and now I'm trying to get someone to help us out with tuckpointing but am being told that I have to do the ENTIRE HOUSE. Look Mr. Tuckpointer, I'm sure you want a nice big job but do the words SPOT TUCK POINT mean anything to you?? That's what I want done and I don't need a job that will "last into the next century" because I don't care about the next century. I care about today and having you fix my goddamn brick so I can pass inspection. Also sir, I know what a parapet is and just because I am a lady doesn't mean I am dumb so don't talk down to me. That is all.


I have one word for what I need today and it rhymes with martini.


Allie said...

Oh! I have had the hardest time dealing with contractors, etc., because of the talking down thing. I'm usually the one handling that stuff, not J, and that "let's see what the husband says, little lady" attitude makes me SO angry! I hope you get your martini and I hope it's really good!

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Isn't it the worst, Allie? He kept pointing out areas that he thought Jeff had fixed and was surprised to learn that I was the one who did the repair. I got a few eye rolls when I told him I bought the stuff at Home Depot and he informed me that REAL contractors don't go to Home Depot. Whatever. I guess the contractor desk they have is just for fun.