Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why is everything so f*%^#&g hard?

So, this is our final week, or "The Final Countdown" if you're a Europe fan. Our basement is still in a pretty sad state but the bulk of our stuff is all packed up. I'm getting nervous that one storage unit won't be large enough but I'm too cheapo to get a second one so I'm throwing out a lot of stuff. We needed to purge anyway so it's all for the better and we won't be automatically filling up our new house with old junk. I have plenty of time to do that going forward. Anyway, our tuckpointer dude was supposed to start yesterday, which would finally round out all the crap we've had to shell out for. As my sister says, this is the time they hold you for ransom and she's right. Oh you want to sell your house? Fine, just spend a few thousand dollars fixing something dumb and then we'll be all set. Oh yeah and we're going to charge buttloads of money for whatever it is we decide we want you to fix, mmkay? Ahh, bureaucracy.

The dude was supposed to start tomorrow but the morning rain sort of screwed that up but I did give him supply money so he could start first thing today. However, it's 8:40am and there is no sign of any tuckpointer. I'm trying not to panic and Jeff said that if he doesn't show by 10, then I can start panicking so I'm going to save it up until then but I really should probably be panicking just a little bit right now so we just won't tell Jeff. Stay tuned...........

**UPDATE - So the dude finally showed at 10. It's going, slowly, but at least it's getting done. Max has also declared this day VIVA LA REVOLUCION and is staging a mutiny. He knows to pounce on mommy when she's weak. Well played, child.


Kait said...

I say instead of worrying, you and I go get some booze. Preferably lots of booze. And then we can sit together and be all boozy and talk about how moving and adoption and little dictator children are fucking AWESOME and how we're obviously insane for signing on for all this.

No, seriously, good times will be had by all.

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Kait, I knew we were going to be friends. That's the best idea I've heard in a while.