Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lost Recap

You know, every week I don't think it can get any crazier and then it does. Wow. Just wow. I'm not going into a lengthy recap because quite frankly, I am more concerned with some questions I have than what happened. Here's what happened in a nutshell:

Dan wants bomb. Richard says no. Eloise shoots him. Kate and Jack flee but Widdy stops them. Hostiles take them captive. Jack asks who is that. Richard says Widdy. Also implies he and Eloise are an item of sorts, love is complicated. Eloise says Dan is truth telling and wants to help Jack and Kate detonate the bomb to stop the incident. Kate has sad pants because she doesn't want to go back to the way it was despite the crap along the way but Jack says no. Locke has new role as leader. Locke leads Richard and Ben to jungle where we see the Nigerian plane. Locke tells Richard to tell past Locke, who is going to come upon the plane, that he has to bring them all back and he has to die. Richard does this. Now we know. Locke wants to see Jacob. Richard says okay. Ben protests. Locke tells them to suck it and take him there anyway. Eloise, Jack, Kate and Richard take off for bomb. Kate changes mind, tries to leave. Hostile tries to stop her. Sayid comes from the bush and shoots him. Sayid joins group. Kate says see ya suckers and heads back to Dharma. Radzinsky holds Sawyer and Juliette. Tries to beat info out of them. After Juliette gets hit, they squeal. Horace is losing control of his people. Miles, Jin and Hurley are trying to escape but Chang finds them in the jungle. He asks if they are from the future. They say yes and that Miles is his son. They tell him to evacuate the island. He goes to Horace and tells him. Sawyer tells them he'll talk if they put him and Juliette on the sub to leave. They say yes and draw us a map to the hostiles. Juliette is happy they are leaving together. Hurely, Miles and Jin think Sawyer will come to help him but he leaves. Eloise, Richard, Jack and Sayid have to dive under the stream to get to the underground tunnels. They end up where Smokey was. Sayid says he came because if Jack is right, he gets his life back and if not, they are out of their misery. Good point. Locke, Richard and Ben go back to camp. Locke tells the hostiles that they are all going to go see Jacob because Locke wants to expose him. Ben and Richard conspire that Locke is trouble. Ben plays both sides. Juliette and Sawyer load on the sub. Before they leave, they put Kate in, who they found trying to return. Juliette is VERY upset. Richard, Eloise, Jack and Sayid find the bomb. Yikes. Locke and company are heading to find Jacob. Ben tried to suck up to Locke and asks what he's going to do. Locke tells him that despite his earlier promise, he doesn't care about bringing the other losties back from 1977. Ben asks what IS he doing then. Locke says he's going to kill Jacob. Come again?

That's that. Here's what we still need to know:
-Richard Alpert, who the hell are you really? So you're an advisor, but to who and what are you advising about? How old are you and why is it so cryptically said that you've been there for a very, very long time. Why don't you seem to hold any power and why are you following Locke?

-Locke, what the hell is the deal with you? Clearly, you are not yourself anymore. Death has changed you. Are you REALLY John Locke? Why are you going to kill Jacob? Do you need to release him from captivity? That's what I think. Ben or Richard or maybe someone else is holding Jacob in some way for some reason. Did you tell Richard to tell you that you had to die because by dying, you learned the secrets of Jacob? Did the rest of the losties really have to come back and if not, why did you make them return? Why did you mastermind this whole thing? How are you connected to this shit?

-Juliette. What do you know? I like you, but I think you know stuff you aren't telling. Fess up.

-Kate,back the hell off. Sawyer and Juliette are together. Stop making eyes at him.

-Jack, I don't think this is your destiny but we'll see.

-Sayid, you are so awesome and you should not wear a shirt for a while. For me.

-Ben. I don't believe you are blindly following anyone. You have a plan and you are still manipulating this. Clearly, you are not fearful of the island or of Jacob or of Richard. Why? Are you the one controlling Jacob? Are you holding him prisoner?

Feel free to post any theories in the comments. I'm so excited about the finale. HOLY CRAP!

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