Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Pisces, May 27, 2009
So many people want to know if there is life after death. They might be better off asking if there is life during life? It often seems as if many of us lead an existence so dull or dreary that if we were to be granted immortality, we might consider it more of a punishment than a gift. For a long time, lately, you have been putting up with circumstances that are anything but life-enhancing or spirit-lifting. Here, this very day, comes an encounter that should reassure you about your future. You are about to do a spot of 'real' living!


So, this was a nice long weekend for us. Jeff had an extra day off yesterday because we were supposed to be in Chicago but at the last minute we had to cancel because a) they canceled my class and b) we had to have a last-minute meeting with our social worker for our adoption finalization. Our attorney set or court date for June 12, which is only 2 weeks and change from now and we had to make sure all our shit was in order. We were supposed to meet with her this coming weekend anyway so it all worked out. Max was very good and turned on the charm pretty heavy for her. He made sure to show her all his tricks including trying to open the back door to escape, falling down repeatedly and throwing stuff at us. I'm sure she was more than impressed. He also went over and kept trying to kiss her leg. It's going to be really nice to have this whole adoption finalized and done. It's getting more and more irritating to have to operate with him under two names but I will miss hearing people try to pronounce his Korean name. CAN I SPEAK TO BOMBMO JIM? BIMHOO GIM? No, I'm sorry you cannot. We have to think of some way to preserve his birth name somehow. I'm thinking we might have to make a trip back to the tattoo parlor. OH YEAH!

Aside from the visit, we had a pretty relaxing weekend. I didn't have any cakes, although I have two for this weekend, so we spent a good amount of time just hanging out together, running errands and doing crap around the house. Max was super happy about that and he seemed disappointed this morning when he woke up and Daddy was already gone. We did get out and go to a BBQ at my dad's house Sunday but that was about it. Max ate like a pig over there and couldn't believe when I saw him eating VERY stinky Pecorino cheese from the antipasto salad. Very interesting diaper from that one. Yes it was.

Jeff took a video of Max and Zoey playing this weekend, which I will leave you with. It is very cute so proceed with caution.


Allie said...

Did he lick the dog? That is too cute!

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

He gave her a kiss. That's how he does it. Full on, open mouth with tongue.