Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost Recap

So, I had planned on posting a full 8 page Lost recap but I've been too busy and I don't think I can fully articulate my confusion with all the other crap (ie. facts) in my brain right now. I will say that the episode was freaking awesome and that LM and I sat in silence the whole time, partially because of the no-talking rule, which I say thank you to LM for honoring, and partially because I couldn't figure out what the hell was going on for most of it. Here are some bullet points to discuss amongst yourselves until next week:

- Where the hell did Richard come from? I don't think it was the Black Rock, I think he's older than that, like Egyptian old, but he is tied up in this mess in a big way. He seems very confused as to what's going on. Join the club, sir.

-Why did the Losties jump through time when the bomb went off? Why were they the only ones to travel? Other Dharma people were at the site with them. Are the 1977 versions of the Losties dead in the blast? Are they resting in a poorly animated underwater tomb? Would we see their bodies if we went diving?

-What is the real impact of Jacob's death? Why is everyone so afraid? If he is some all knowing being, how was he so easily killed by dumb Ben?

-Who is Zombie John Locke? Is he going to stay in Locke's body the whole time or morph back into the dude from the beach? Why is he so mad at everyone? Has he been taking the form of people all along and we never knew it? Has he been manipulating this entire thing the whole time? What do those two have to do with Dharma?

-I know it seems as though there are two realities happening here, but I've decided that it's the opposite. I think there has always been more than one reality happening and the bomb detonating somehow caused them to cross and now they're one. Maybe. I'm still working this one out in my physics laboratory. (I assume you read that as la-BOR-atory and you would be correct.)

-Why was Desmond on the plane? Where did he disappear to?

-What is the deal with Undead Sayid? Why did they kill him? So Jacob could have a body to live in? We all remarked at the religious symbolism in this episode, which was really evident in the scene where they take him out of the pool and he's outstretched like Jesus on the cross. Then he died. Then he came back to life. I don't think that was coincidence. I know this show has a lot to do with religion and I'm very curious as to how that will be presented in the end.

Okay, I'm done. I have a billion other questions but I also have things to do. This is no spoiler but I read that the last 10 minutes of next week's episode will BLOW US AWAY. Consider yourself warned.


LM said...

We've already discussed potential theories. But we never discussed the non-surprise of Jeff breaking the no-talk rule about 60 seconds after joining us when he said, "Hey LM, who you rooting for in the Superbowl?". I think my abnormally brief response of "New Orleans" without any elaboration whatsoever clued him in, as he accepted it and asked no further questions (also odd). Or maybe you gave him the evil eye. Regardless, I was cracking up on the inside there for a few minutes.

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

HA! I don't think I even heard him. I was so engrossed. It was like I was in a mind control tunnel. THIS is why I needed to watch with you. Jeff does not understand and he is unable to follow rules.