Monday, February 15, 2010


So, I forgot to mention this earlier. We had a showing yesterday scheduled from 1-2, which generally means we skeedaddle out of here around 12:45ish. Now, Max has made house showing LESS THAN FUN because we pretty much have to follow him out the door with a swiffer. He is like Pigpen from the Peanuts Gang. Dirt follows him. Anyway, at around noon, I told Jeff that I was going to shower and then get the Dirt Devil dressed and ready to go. I was done and dressed by 12:25 and went into Max's room to while Jeff cleaned up. I had just started to change his diaper when Jeff came running into his bedroom half screaming/half whispering "THEY'RE HERE THEY'RE HERE THEY'RE HERE...." I was like "are you (insert swear word here) kidding me?!" He was not kidding. All of a sudden the front door opens, I hear voices and Max takes off to see who was here to visit him because why else would someone be here, right? Well, I don't think the agent and nice couple (please buy my house, nice people) were quite expecting to see a small Asian boy run up to them in a pajama top and no pants yelling "HI!" I ran after him and was all "hi, we weren't expecting you for another 30 minutes. We'll be out of here shortly." What transpired next is what I imagine would happen should aliens suddenly invade. We were running around frantically putting on shoes, finding pants, spraying air freshener, hoping there were no poopy diapers left lying around, grabbing coats and in about 90 seconds we were out. Max was plopped into his car seat sans shoes and a coat and I had wet hair and 1/2 my makeup on. The best part was this:

me: I'm so sorry, please come in and look around. We're on our way out.

agent: (looking puzzled as to why we didn't use our ESP to know he would be 35 minutes early) Oh, okay. Are we early?!

me: No problem, we were expecting you at 1. We're leaving now.....

agent: Sorry for the mixup! Don't worry, we'll only be about 5-10 minutes.

SERIOUSLY DUDE?! I spent 3 hours making my house look as pretty as a Southern Belle at her coming out party and you give me 5 TO 10 MINUTES?! Ass.

Then we went and got donuts because that's what I do when I'm stressed out.

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Allie said...

Ugh! That has to be so stressful! Every time I think about how much I want a different house, I think about how little patience I have for people in my space, and what a pain it would be to keep the house that kind of clean clean with our dogs.

But, I can't see how an adorable, happy little boy running up to say hi would be anything other than a selling point - even though he doesn't come with the house. :) Fingers crossed for you!