Monday, October 19, 2009

Well hello, Monday.

So, we had quite a nice weekend here. The trees are starting to turn purty colors and it's chilly enough to wear a jacket and we know how much I love a good jacket. What I do not love about this time of year is having to listen to people moan about the weather. Guess what? We live in the midwest, not the South or the West coast and you know what that means?? IT GETS COLD HERE. Surprisingly, it gets cold about the same time every year. You can almost plan on it. They're called seasons and yes, lady at Macy's yesterday who complained loudly on her cell phone for 10 minutes about how FREEZING it was yesterday (it was in the mid-60s), it will only get colder until spring, when (wait for it...) it gets warmer again. The same woman was also trying on leather boots (try wearing those in July, beyotch) and had a fur vest on. A fur vest? What the hell does that do? How is that warm? Do you add the sleeves when it drops below 50? Why were you wearing this and yet your daughter was wearing shorty-shorts with knee socks, Uggs and a sweatshirt. Did neither of you talk before you left the house? Do either of you employ a mirror, perhaps? Sigh. This is what I get for shopping in the burbs. Confusion.

Jeff was the best husband yesterday (well, he is every day but especially so this weekend) and not only made me delicious ribs, but he also kept an eye on our precious cargo during football so that I could go run errands in peace. I also went out on Friday night with LM and Mary to see Paranormal Activity AND grandma Jan came and watched Max on Saturday so we could both go out. Last week sucked around here and this was all very much appreciated. FOR REALS. Sometimes you just need a breather.

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Hey. The whole weather thing is great! I'm so with you on that.