Friday, October 23, 2009

Cleanup, Aisle 7

So, I haven't written in a while and you wanna know why? Because I've been at the grocery store. I am not kidding. I've been to the grocery store SIX TIMES since Saturday. What do I do that requires SIX trips to the store? I have a very serious problem and require professional help. I've been to the regular store three times*, Trader Joe's twice and Sam's once. The best part of this and I do mean the BEST part is that I just realized about 15 minutes ago that I'm out of milk and paper towels.

*it was actually 4 times to the regular store, because on trip number 3, I realized after I parked that my wallet wasn't in my purse and, after a mini-meltdown because I was convinced that I had dropped it at Qdoba and that someone THAT VERY MINUTE was stealing my identity but in fact it was on the floor in Max's room all alont, I returned for trip number 4.

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LM said...

I would like to gently offer a little suggestion called a list. If you already use a list and are still having these problems, I blame Max. This store stuff all started with him. Oh, just wait till he can drive. We'll send him on all our errands. mwuahh haa haa.