Monday, January 11, 2010

I think he's almost ready for the 2028 Winter Games.

So, we got snow last week and all I heard around this house was about how Max was going to go sledding. I dismissed this talk because it was also 8 degrees outside and I wasn't too keen on turning my child into a Korean popsicle. Jeff isn't as cautious and when I mentioned frostbite he laughed. He also thought Max was old enough to go skiing and I had to remind him that this is the same child that repeatedly trips over thin air so perhaps we should wait on sending him down a mountain with two thin strips of wood strapped to his feet but I digress. We finally decided that it was warm enough yesterday to give it a go and by warm I mean it was slightly over 20 degrees out. There's a small park near our house that has baby hills so that was our target. My main concern was keeping him warm and dry so this is how he looked:

Here they are on their way up. I stayed at the bottom so I could a) stop any wayward sleds and b) try to take pictures while stopping wayward sleds.

He couldn't bend at the waist with that thing on, which is why Jeff had to get him on the sled like this:

And they're off!

They went down together a few times before we decided to let him fly solo. I'm hellbent on raising an independent child so consider this a life lesson, son. I was worried he would be scared but he was totally fine.

After he went down a few times, he discovered a chain link fence to stand by and contemplate life.

After that, he realized he could also run around in the snow and we weren't going to stop him. And by run I mean he would take about 3 steps before face planting.

This happened a few more times and then I decided that we were done. His shoes were pretty much frozen over at this point and so was I. He really loved it and kept his hat and gloves on the whole time, which is nothing short of a miracle, so I'm sure we'll be back out soon. How old do they have to be to ice skate?


LM said...

He looks cute and hilarious in that big puffy snowsuit.

jan the mom and grandmom said...

He is sooooo cute and doesn't seem to mind the cold. I know he had fun though. I can't wait to see him. I am in Max withdrawal.

Allie said...

Adorable! I am amazed he kept his hat and gloves on the whole time!

Cliff said...

That's my Grandson!
He does not "trip over thin air". He is perfecting his fall - so the next step is to perfect his balance.
Grandpa B.

Connie said...

He is such a little snow angel!!!