Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who you gonna call?

So, we had a very strange occurrence this morning. At about 6am, right in the middle of a dream, I was awakened by a loud thwack. It was most definitely a thwack and not a crash or a bang. Jeff and I both sat up and before I could say "did you hear that?" he was already up and charging out into the living room. On a side note, I was impressed by his bravery seeing he was in his underwear and half asleep but he was READY TO RUMBLE with anyone who wanted to eff with his family. He was not afraid to throw down in his boxer briefs and undershirt. He flipped all the lights on and ran up to the front of the house. We've been worried about break-ins and think our neighbors were burglarized a couple weeks ago, so this was a very real fear. In fact, we've noticed the po po staked out on different streets around us ever since that happened. While he was checking the front, I walked out and as I came down the hall, I noticed that Max's snack ball was laying in the middle of the floor. This is what it looks like:We keep Max's various sippy cups, bottle stuff (yes, he still takes one bottle. DON'T JUDGE) and assorted other things on the kitchen counter, which is about 3 feet or so away from where I found the snack ball. I picked it up and told Jeff that I found our intruder. It was going to kill us with trans fats and empty carbs. WHAT WON'T, AMIRITE? Anyway, we both sighed in relief and went back to try and get in our last 45 minutes of sleep before we had to wake up for real. When we laid back down, I started thinking about this situation. First and foremost, how in the hell did a snack ball that had been sitting motionless on the counter for days, and at least 12+ inches away from the counter edge mind you, suddenly fling itself off and roll 3 feet into the middle of the hallway? SERIOUSLY, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Anyone? It's not possible that the wind did it because nothing else blew off and this wasn't the lightest thing sitting there AND there wasn't any wind anyway. The counter isn't sloping because again, nothing else rolled.
This ball was even sitting in the corner of the counter. I AM SERIOUS. What the hell happened? I am now convinced that it had to be a ghost. There isn't any other explanation. When Jeff was heading to work, I threw the ball on the floor again to see if it was the same sound and sure enough, it was a definite thwack. I was like "that's the sound, right?" and he was like "Yep, that's it. How the hell..?" I shook my head and was like "heh heh, must be a ghost." and he laughed. I was serious, though and then he kinda looked like he thought it was really weird too and now I might have to throw out the snack ball (sorry, Liz) because maybe it's possessed and there isn't room in this house for a snack ball with a mind of its own.

Anyway, that's what happened.


LM said...

Might I remind you of when I was over there last week when that bottle cap and the paper it was on top of flew right off the counter by itself onto the floor. I told you at the time I had not moved, you were on the other side of the counter, and there was no apparent reason for that happening. I barely saw it happen out of the corner of my eye, and it happened with some force, as if a gust of wind came in. But there was no wind. GHOST.

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

OH MY GOD, I HAD FORGOTTEN! That is true and it happened in the same place as the snack ball incident. Something weird is going on here. Seriously.