Tuesday, September 29, 2009

He's a song and dance man.

So, Max is learning to talk. In fact, he is in his bed right this minute yelling, "BOOM BOOM" over and over. He is supposed to be sleeping. He's been saying mama and dada and babo (bottle) for a while now, but he's started using sentences now. He's really just repeating things we say a lot, but he's using them in context. That's pretty cool. He will point to something and kinda half talk-half whisper, "WHASSAT?" He will also ask us "whadodododoo?" which translates in English as "what did you do?" He will occasionally drop a "dude" or an "oh yeah" and he's a huge fan of "uh oh." He also spends a lot of time walking around having an imaginary conversation in another language, but he seems to know what he's talking about.

He has also developed a great love for dance. This is probably due to the fact that his mother has been known to do the "Thriller" dance in the living room when it comes on MTV. Which it does. Often. He's a big fan of the Wiggles and I made him a playlist of their songs, along with some choice "Yo Gabba Gabba" cuts. When we put it on in the car, he throws his hands up and shakes them like he just don't care. He still enjoys a good Black Eyed Peas or Madonna song thrown in, but those damn Wiggles have some kind of hypnotizing power. Kudos, fellas.

Jeff took some video earlier of him doing both dancing and talking. Now, he's not reciting poetry here, he's a baby who can kinda make words sound normal so don't be too judgy. I was also holding the camera and trying to hold him while he tried to take it from me, so pardon the Blair Witch style cinematography. BUT, you can totally hear him say "whassat?" Seriously. He really says it. He is also an awesome dancer.


Kait said...

My kids have a deep love of all things Gabba Gabba and David Bowie, the latter of which I'm blaming on their biological mom. (She's one of my best friends, so I know this to be true) Does Max watch Noggin/Nick Jr? If so, do you totally want to beat the crap out of the Jump Arounds? Because I know I can't be the only parent that is thinking "Dude, I'm don't give a sheet if you do have loco legs, just shut the f up!"

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Kait, first off, you are awesome for introducing your kids to the wonders of Bowie. Second, yes, we watch Gabba on Nick Jr. He is obsessed with it and likes to walk around yelling "DOH BABBA GABAA" at random intervals. We haven't explored much else of Nick Jr, but when I leave it on, he seems interested. We are a TV family so he probably watches more than he should but thus is life. We normally watch Sprout, but I'm almost at my breaking point between the irritating Caillou and those stupid dragons and their tales.