Sunday, September 13, 2009


So, here's some pics of Max that we've taken over the last week or so. He's really growing into his new hairdo except that it makes him look like he's 16.

So, I might have bought him a tiny motorcycle jacket. He thinks he is badass in it. It even has a skull on the back. It's a smiling skull but deep down he's really hard core.

We took him to the park yesterday morning and he was climbing all over the play stuff but wouldn't actually go through the tube part. He got this far and then would stop and crack himself up. Weirdo.

He went down the big slide all by himself. It was a twisty one and he was really proud. We did it about 17 more times after this picture.
Last night we went to the St. Joan of Arc carnival. It was a good catholic occasion with food, games and beer. Lots of beer. Max had his first corndog and based on his diaper this morning, it may be his last.


johnny_VIRUS said...

I definately went to the Joan of Arc carnival tonight and lost twelve bucks on Bingo. It was rigged!
Your little one is growing up fast!

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

JOHN! Good to see you and yes, I think all the games were rigged.

LM said...

I AGREE with both of you! IT'S RIGGED. It has been about 12 years now, and I have yet to win the GD Wheel of States OR one of the cash prizes in the raffle - which I buy an entire book of tickets for annually. It's because we're non believers, I'm convinced. Especially when Dan K, a devout catholic, won the GD Wheel of States (a TRIPLE round, mind you) on a state that I had just had the round before, and had bought 2x before that as well. Coincidence? I think not.

I love Max's bomber jacket.