Friday, October 1, 2010

That tiny violin is playing me a sad song.

So, I haven't really given an update on Eunie because we haven't gotten one in a while which is really frustrating but whatever. The last we heard, she was still teeny tiny but they were trying to fatten her up so I hope the next report (ANY DAY, PEOPLE) will hold good news. On the paperwork front, we have our last fingerprint appointments on Monday, which will facilitate the last bit of paperwork approval that we're waiting for on the US side. It's funny to me because this will be my FOURTH set of prints. Um, THEY DON'T CHANGE and why they can't use what's in the database already is perplexing but this whole process is perplexing so why am I surprised. Anyway, I recently read that our fingerprints could take a stupidly long time to process, like another 9-11 weeks, which sent me to the ledge but I have since read that it generally isn't taking that long and the fact that my forms have been sitting there for 7 weeks already, it's probably already approved and waiting on the prints. This makes me happy and I'm choosing to believe this person over the other. DON'T BURST MY BUBBLE.

So, if we get a speedy approval, our stuff will be sent to Korea next week where we wait for them to work their magic. Things seem to be either running really slowly or really quickly on that side and while it was slow for a bit, it seems to have picked up as of recent which means we could possibly get a travel call around the first (or so) week of November. Now, that's if things go smoothly and that's a big IF. That's all great, right? WELL, I also found out that the G20 Economic Summit is being held in Seoul in early November. OF COURSE IT IS. This sucks a big one and I hope our dates fall around it and not in it because there will be no hotel rooms and no flights and if there are, I will have to use her college fund to pay for them. Sorry, kid.

So that's where we are. I really hope I can tell you nice people that we got our approval next week so cross your fingers and toes.

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Kait said...

Supposedly, from the fingerprint tech we had to visit THREE TIMES this year, the reason we have to get reprinted is because the FBI doesn't keep them on record if they come back clean. That seems really counter-intuitive to me but whatever. Supposedly they run your prints, slap the all clear sticker on them, and delete them from record. Jerks.

We're one week in to waiting to hear if our agency approved our homestudy and dossier. I AM DYING HERE!