Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Terrible just doesn't quite describe it.

So, I've been a bit busy here recently with cakes and other various things so I haven't been able to blog. Most of those various things keeping me from blogging rhyme with the word "AXE" and are small and Asian. You know, when people talk about the "terrible twos," they do it with a wink and a giggle, like it's some funny thing parents go through for a minute or two and then everyone has a laugh. Well I'm here to tell you that is a load of shit. The "terrible twos" should be called "the most trying time in your life until now because this child will only listen to 2% of what you say and do the exact opposite of what you want them to and you will want to jump off a bridge sometimes in frustration but rest assured there is a mess somewhere in your home that needs cleaning so you have to stick it out." That's more accurate. This child is SOMETHING. We've had every kind of tantrum known to man and he's now started to hit when he's either in trouble or mad or both. Yesterday he was mad I had the audacity to look at something for MYSELF in the store an in retaliation, grabbed a handful of lipsticks and whipped them across the store. YES, THAT IS MY CHILD. We spend about 10% of the day in a loving embrace and the other 90% in a battle of wills. The force is strong in this one. Here is a typical exchange:

max: touches the computer for the 145,389,690th time today
me: "Max, don't touch the computer."
max: touching the computer again while looking straight at me
me: "MAX, please don't touch the computer."
max: walks away, turns around and starts touching the OTHER computer while still staring at me, taunting with his defiance
max: "no"
me: picks up hair that she just pulled out

So, this is life in my home right now.

On a related note, and feel free to send me to the loony bin at this point, we have made major progress in our adoption (ANOTHER ONE?!!) and after my last home study meeting today, we just have to wait for the paperwork to get to Korea and then we start the big wait for referral. When we did Max's, they sent the stuff to Korea in April, told us to expect a call toward the end of the year, but called 3 months later with this little bundle of joy so I'm not sure what time frame we'll be on. Could be a year, could be this fall, who knows. When you see your local wine aisles empty of all their bottles, you'll know we got the call.

**I posted that picture up top to show how cute he can be. It's more for me than you.


Kait said...

OMG I hate 2 year olds. Natalie just kind woke up one day and decided it was the day to mess with everyone's lives by being the biggest jerk ever.

I am so over the screaming and the throwing of things and the hitting. Natalie is the reason St Charles is sold out of all alcohol because otherwise Mommy would be hiding in the closet.

Good luck with the adoption! We need to get ours back on track but every time we think about it our reaction tends to be a big long sigh. We want more kids but then we look at the crazy 2 yr old and think "Seriously? More? Are you really that insane?"

Amy, Jeff and Kimchi said...

Gah, the screaming and throwing and kicking make me GO INSANE. It doesn't matter what it is we want him to do, he has already decided he isn't doing it and he will tell me in the loudest way possible. I keep hearing they grow out of this but I think everyone is lying. I also hope he has his shit under control just a tab bit better once #2 arrives. If not you'll find me in a closet rocking back and forth.

Connie said...

They say now that three is the new two. We haven't hit rock bottom yet! Hang in there and CHEERS!