Sunday, July 18, 2010

I entered a contest.

So, if any of you recall, last year I entered an online cake contest. It's run by and the deal is you take a shirt design and translate it into cake. Last time it was the sumo wrestlers. This year I decided to ask a few friends to look at the site and pick what they think I should do and if I picked theirs, they'd get the cake. This helps me because I tend to gravitate toward a certain type of design and I like to broaden my horizons. I'm entering a total of three cakes but these are the first two. I'm sending in the entries early this week so I'll post the link when I do and you can go check out all the pictures. If you're bored.

The first cake was picked by my friend Jane* and it was called Self-Portrait. It appears to be some kind of alien. I love it. Here's the design from the site:

And here it is in cake:

The second one was picked by my friend Connie and it's called Day vs. Night. This too, I love.

You really have to look at it upside down as well to get the full effect so here you go.

I'm still searching for design #3 so if you care, feel free to make a suggestion. Any design from their website is eligible. I won't guarantee I'll make it but if I do, you might get it. MIGHT.

* Fictitious name used to protect identity

Here's the link for Day vs. Night:

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